Friday Random Top 10



Here it is! Every Friday I will turn the I-Pod to shuffle and see what it spits out. This week's list:

1. The Street Beat - Charlie Parker
2. Fine & Mellow - Billie Holiday
3. When I Write the Book - Rockpile
4. You Can Never Hold Back Spring - Tom Waits
5. Start Me Up - Rolling Stones
6. Poor Poor Pitiful Me - Warren Zevan
7. Devil's Waitin' - Black Rebel Motorcycle Gang
8. There's a Doctor - The Who
9. She's Not You - Elvis Presley
10. Black Diamond - The Replacements

What's your top 10?

On an I-Pod note, Apple came out with their new I-Pod and redesign of their old line. Here's a decent review. The I-Touch looks cool, but $299 for 8GB? Seems a little steep. The new Ipod video with 80GB for $249 that would be awesome, that's a lot of songs. Also I don't like the new design of the Nano. In order to get a bigger screen, the device is wider. The look isn't as graceful as the old Nano's, and let's face it, design is part of Apple's desirability. I'll probably keep my 30gb I-Pod with 6,000 songs and about 5 or 6 gb remaining but the 80gb and 160gb I-Pod Classic with wireless looks like a winner.


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