Friday Random Top 10

Wow! Last weekend of MLB and the National League is a mess! Cubs are in the middle of their classic choke job, Mets and Phillies tied for first. But I wanted to show some love to the Colorado Rockies. They’ve won 11 games in a row and are right in the mix for the playoffs. The Rockies are a team run like they way we want the Twins to be run: Middle of the pack payroll, players coming up from the minors, good pitching, timely hitting. Matt Holliday, pictured above, is nearly leading the league in average and RBI's and is one of those players who if playing for New York or Boston would have a cool nickname be a household name. We should all root for the Rockies to make it to the playoffs.

Any here’s this week’s top 10, what’s yours?

1. What’s Wrong With Me? – X
2. Do as the Doukhobors Do – Pete Seeger
3. Are You My Flower? – The Carter Family
4. John Henry – Bruce Springsteen
5. Slipping (into Something) – The Feelies
6. My Hometown – Bruce Springsteen
7. Accidentally Like a Martyr – Warren Zevon
8. Jimmy Jazz – The Clash
9. Dear Prudence – The Beatles
10. Beanbag Chair – Yo La Tengo


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