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So Twins out of it in disappointing manner, Golden Gophers cough up a lung against Bowling Green, and Vikes look to another boring sub .500 team. Throw in a probably lousy Gophers b-ballers, mid-tier Minnesota Wild squad and a KG-less T-wolves, we truly are in the Sports Abyss right now. Here are some thoughts on the two currently disappointing teams.

Minnesota Twins. What’s so sad is that this team has a nice core and with a couple of real major leaguers at 3rd and DH, they might have been able to make some noise oh well. For the last few weeks of the season this is what I’d like to see:

No Punto or Tyner except as a late inning defensive replacement
Shut down Neshek.
Play Kubel every day and see if he is a productive Left Fielder or not
Play Casilla everyday and see of he is a productive 2nd basemen or not
Go with a 6 man staff (Santana, Boof, Baker, Garza, Silva, Slowey) to see if the young guns have what it takes
As much as it pains me rely heavily on Cali and Depaulo, see if they have what it takes to be a major leaguer.

Off Season:

Sign Hunter to 5 year $13-14M/year contract
Sign Silva to 2 year $3M/year contract
Sign Cuddyer and Morneau to long term deals
Get a real 3rd baseman and DH

Golden Gopher Footballers. Face it, Saturday’s game was a disaster. All of a sudden the kool-aid Brewster was serving us was the sugar-less kind. We know this team is going to be bad – Mason left the cupboard pretty bare. I don’t mind a 3-9 or 4-8 season but only if the team improves as the season goes on. If the defense toughens up, Weber improves and the Gophers lose hard played games, there’s hope for the future, if the Gophers look lost with no noticeable improvement into November, Gopher Nation will be awfully restless with Brewster’s smoke and mirrors.

T-Wolves. I’m actually intrigued. Beside KG, McFail got rid of T-Hud and Mike James, now if Ricky Davis and Jaric can go away, this might be a fun exciting team.

Oh yeah, the Vikings. I'm from Missouri on this team. Show Me and maybe I'll show some interest.


I'm taking a sip of the Timberwolves Kool Aid by going in for a 10-game package. I mainly picked it because it features the Celtics and Pistons, so I get to see my favorite former Timberwolves as well, but I figure since KG is gone, I might as well start getting to know this new group just like I did with the Twins back in 2001-2002.

As for the Gophers, I'm not giving up on Brewster just yet, but I'll admit to being more excited for hoops season and Tubby than for football season.

No Santana in the off-season? I agree. No one is worth $20 million a year. Not even Santana. Signing Hunter is important, I agree with that too.

Concerning the Gophers, this year is not really important to me. If Brewster isn't winning in two, three years, with his own recruits? That is when I start worrying. Cut him some slack. If he came into town and didn't start talking Rose Bowl right away I would have definitely thought we hired the wrong guy. If you don't shoot for the top, why do you even try? Brewster is right to aim high, always.

I am really warming up to the T-wolves, they could be a fun, exciting (and maddening) bunch. I think a key is getting rid of Ricky Davis, he could poison that locker room. Let's get a young, big presence in the center for RD.

I didn't mention Santana because we still have one more year and if we need to we can trade him mid-year for some talent. I think the young guys could carry us and $20 million plus a year is just too much.

I'll reiterate, Brewster's got show improvement this season, next season, and into the 3rd, competing for some major bowls, otherwise we'll just lump him in with Wacker, and Mason, and Guty.

Granted it was against Atlanta, but boy did Adrian Peterson and the Vikes defense look good. Hopefully they'll continue to keep things interesting.

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