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Where Are They Now -- Urban Guerrillas??

UG Cover.png

As someone who went to the University of Minnesota in the early- to mid-1980’s I was lucky enough to be present during the high point of the “Minneapolis Music Scene.�? Everyone knows about the Replacements, Husker Du, Soul Asylum, The Suburbs, etc. However there were a lot of other bands that didn’t get that level of national recognition, but were great bands anyway. I’m sure any college town/major metropolitan area has their share of them. One such band was the Urban Guerrillas.

A couple of months ago when I reviewed the Replacements Let It Be album as part of my ongoing 30 best loved albums series, the comments section quickly became a forum about the Urban Guerrillas. The biggest issue seemed to be that they basically disappeared – no web page extolling their virtues; albums never converted to CDs or .mps3’s; no reunion concert as a fund raiser from some poor musician’s medical bills. Lucky enough I knew someone who had their two albums on CD, ripped from the actual albums themselves.

The Urban Guerrillas were one of those perfect bar bands for people in their late teens and early twenties: alcohol and sex fueled dance music. Throw in a little politics and you have a perfect storm to create a nice little local following. The titles of their two albums really describe where they were coming from: Darwin’s Theory of Pelvic Revolution and Attack of the Pink Heat Seeking Moisture Missiles. Listening to the albums today brings back many fond memories seeing them live and just having a blast. Drinking beer and hooking up with members of the opposite sex went part and parcel with their shows. Although the albums are fun, they don’t do justice to what the band presented live.

Then they broke up and went on with the rest of their lives. Like I said googling Urban Guerrillas basically brings up nothing on the band. My pal Timmy the Freak and I were discussing this sad fact a while back and The Freak said that he wanted to start a web page dedicated to the Urban Guerrillas which I thought was a good idea. So this post is an opening salvo: Use the comments section to list your Urban Guerrillas story. Let us know if you have tapes of concerts or unreleased CDs. If you know where members of the bands are give us that information too, hopefully with this information we can develop a good web site dedicated to this fun band and who knows…. Maybe even a reunion show.

If interested in receiving a copy of the Urban Guerilla’s two albums drop me a line at freealonzo@comcast.net. Or leave your name and e-mail in the comments below.


Both UG albums and the elusive "backyard" tape are now uploaded on archive.org. All three can be easily downloaded for free. Sound quality is pretty good too.


Hell Yeah, I'm truly excited about this. As my time is limited right now, I will chime in soon with some real deal stories, etc. Let's get this party rolling... As the UGs might exclaim: DANCE of DIE!!

whoops.. DANCE or DIE !

oh yeah & "... unredeeming filth electronically spewed for the gyrating pleasure of minors.."

Urban Guerillas! Now this brings back fond memories of my misspent youth! This also brings to mind another sadly forgotten band, "E-Brown". For those of you who may not remember, this band included Matt Wilson soon to be founding member of Trip Shakespeare.

Hello Dean,

Rhonda hooked my up with your blog after the bridge incident. Wow, the Urban Guerillas - what memories although they are a bit hazy. Those sure were great times. I too would love to hear a song or two.

Wow, Maggie thanks for responding! I can't believe Rhonda has checked out this blog and hasn't even dropped one comment.

Let me know if you want the Urban Guerrilla's CD, I'll burn you a copy.

Hope things are going good with you in San Diego.


You don't know me, but I found you from Jeff Thomps blog as I was at the Wilco show as well and ran into Jeff there.

Anyway, a couple of summers ago, there was an art show in Minneapolis that featured a bunch of photos taken at music events of the last 40 years.

Anyway, the Urban Guerrillas played at the show. So they are still around sort of. Thought you might like to know.

Hey - I remember the Urban Guerrillas shows - too much fun! I even got to see them play in NYC once! I would love a copy of the CD's as my tapes are very fuzzy now! It would be so much fun to see them play again. (Rhonda directed me here as well)

If you want a Urban Guerrillas CD e-mail me at freealonzo@comcast.com with your address.

I'm still shocked Rhonda has never commented on the blog, although I appreciate the references.

Hey Timmy, we need to get together and kick off this new website. Give me a call.

I would really like to get a CD copy of both the urban Guerrillas albums and would be happy to send you postage. My band the Prehistoric Jello Babies opened several shows with them back in the 80's including their record release party at First Ave for attack of the pink heat seeking moisture missiles. I have great memories of those days. The Guerrillas were one of the best bands to come out of that era and I wish they would do a reunion show. I spoke with lead singer and bass player Larry Sahagian several months back and he is doing well. If you are interested I have some good flyers, photos, ect from some of those shows that I would be happy to send you. Please email me at sthorp@thorpbrokerage.com. -Thanks

Hey, I commented once. (although I don't see it, perhaps I forgot to hit post). Forgive me, I don't get much computer time. When I saw the blog on UG's I remembered all those shows at Duffy's and had to alert Maggie and Mary.

I remember many frozen nights driving around looking for those shows. I can't even remember where now...some real 3-2 places I think as well as a few warehouse type things in downtown minneapolis. I have searched online a couple of times for them and found nothing. So this is a good start. They should throw those albums up on itunes at the least. I have boxes of flyers from those days somewhere, and what band had the song Pale Green Carpeting?

My husband found this sight last night for me, can't believe it. I went to SCSU 1984 - 1989 and quickly became an Urban Gorillas fan. I remember driving down to St. Olaf once just to see them play (my cousin was down there)! I had the "Darwin Album" and it was coveted by my brother and his friends. It disappeared one day and I thought that an ex-boyfriend must have taken it. Years later I mentioned it to my brother who told me he had lent it to his friend who left it in the back of his car in the SUMMER and it had melted. He had searched for years for the album in used record stores but could never find it and we didn't have it on tape!

Just this past winter I was thinking about that album (I once taught an afterschool dance class for little kids that I choreographed a number to "shimmy shimmy coco pop") and started to search for it. I actually FOUND the album on some album site and sent the URL to my brother, instructing him that "payback is a bitch" (it was $20 and in good condition).

Long story longer, he ripped it for me and I finally got my favorite college band back! Boy did it bring back memories of many a misspent night. I own a small coffee house in NJ now and whenever I play that album someone always comes up and asks me about it. Thanks for starting this site. I too found it interesting that I could never find anything on them when I searched, so this is really great.

I also have very fuzzy memories of their concerts so this will be a fun trip down memory lane. :-)

Freealonzo, just tried to email you and it came back.

I'd love a copy of "Pink Heat". Email me @ internetc@muccigrosso.org

Just tripped onto this site - like the author, I was googling to see if there was any UrbGor's tribute site out there. I'm amazed that there isn't.

Larry booked my old band's first gig, in 1986 at Williams. Of course, I saw 'em play at the Uptown a zillion times - always a blast. And I interviewed Larry a couple of times on a radio show I did at KSTP in '86-87; he was always a GREAT guest.

I've wondered for years whatever happened to him.

And wow - I was at the "AotPHSMM" release gig at the Forced Attitude...er, First Avenue! I think I caught a few minutes of the opening act. Wow. Small world!

Hey kids, i have been looking for some Urban Guerrillas Mp3's for quite some time with no luck whatsoever, thats how i stumbled upon this site...
I do have an mp3 of some flexidisc that they were on, but, still have had no luck finding either of their albums and would absolutely love to find a digital copy of them!
If anyone has mp3;s or cd's that can be made into mp3's or anything whatsoever, please drop me a line!

So is there any known way to get the albums in mp3?

i remember the UG's at the cabooze. i was just tellin a friend of mine (who is 24 now) how when i was his age, there was this band the urban guerrillas and how they'd play this song about reagan and how everybody would be jumpin around on the dance floor and then they'd all lay down on the floor and twitch...!!! i still have pink heat seeking on vinyl. i'd love to have it on cd since i don't own a record player anymore.

My first show ever was the the Urban Guerillas/Prehistoric Jello Babies show at First Ave and my buddies got us thrown out for smokin' dope so I missed most of their set.

I'd be interested in UG CD's and Prehistoric Jello Babies if Scott wants to email me!


I use to frequent the Guerillas gigs around the cities. I was happy that someone put something on the web about them. Last I saw Larry S around was the late 80s working at the Cabooze I think. How's the potential website going? If they ever do a reunion gig it would be a good place to gather e-mail addresses to let us know. Maybe the group members would agree to put freealonzo's copy of their albuims on it to download for free?

Happy to have bumped into this page. I found it while trying to see if a copy of Joe Soucheray's ~1986 column regarding the UG was online. If my hazy memory is correct Joe penned one of his typically inane commentaries when Highland Park Senior High shut down an UG show when Larry sang the classic "I f_cked my mama...". (I was in the crowd, and also had a hand in picking the band for the dance).

Caught many UG shows and still put the LPs on occasionally. I seem to recall in particular a private party out on Sunfish Lake and a warehouse party in a old Land 'o' Lakes. But then again I could be wrong- I was fairly drunk during the 1980s.

if you wanna get some info on the UG's go eat at the Bandbox Diner. UG's bass player Brad owns the place. or go see the Brass Kings - the band he's in now. (which is the band that played at the summer photo retrospective Davem referenced above, I think)www.brasskings.com

I love Urban Guerillas!!! And I'd forgotten how much.

I just stumbled upon this site on a periodic search for some type of information on the Urban Guerrillas. I too experienced the Urban Guerrillas during my stint at the U. Every show was a classic.

I have both albums and ripped them to CD. I even scanned the covers to make it look like a real CD. I've been trying for years to track down a live tape they put out. It came in a black plastic bag with the chance to win a free party with the band.

If anyone still has a copy or knows where to get one I'd be very interested. In the meantime I'll keep my eyes open for a web site and that reunion show.

Freeway picnic party...

Happy to find this site! I've been looking for music from the Twin Cities over the years. I've been trying to find a band called "3 Below" from the same time period in the TC with no luck. I've got albums from both UG and 3B tucked away in a box somewhere, but thought it would be cool to find digital files. I remember many shows at the Harriet Band Shell -- Shangoya, The Mary Jane Alm Band? It would be great to get the UG CDs you mention. How do I make that happen?

Yeah. I googled UG to see how to spell "Shimmy Shimmy koko bop," and still cant' figure it out! Saw them when I was way underage at a couple of venues, one at the Great Hall in Coffman Union and the other at some dive on Lake Street that served me 3.2 when I was about 16. Bad beer, great show! What a memory! At Coffman Larry was into face paint and shared it with most of the crowd until we all looked like we were ready to participate in the Souix Uprising. My friend's older sister who had a killer body probably saw more shows than anyone I knew and we thought she was a groupie. Wish I could remember her name. I'd love to hear them again! ... Repeti - tion...A Repeti - tion... oh yeah, and thanks for mentioning the Prehistoric Jello Babies! Wow! That really brings me back! Thanks again for this thread!

I love these stories. Thanks for sharing.

Hey Fish, get me your e-mail so I can tell you about the UG CDs.

Mike in Rochester, also send me your e-mail, I may have a line on that live release.

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I'm very interested in the 2 copies of the UG.

Thanks Larry

I'm very interested in the 2 copies of the UG.

Thanks Larry

I'm glad to see the fond memories. I just checking in to see if any one still pays attention. gere's another dity. you didn't think it was funny when i didn't laugh. when you asked me i said i'm listening but all i hear is what i want you to say. i almost wrote a song for you then i stopped knowing someday i'd be asked to explain. i didn't do it for art hell no not even to get laid that's rock in the new millenium not evil just scary all it's about is getting paid. the popes handing out condoms full of holes right before new year's in times square there blessed and holey. larry sahagian urban guerrilla's 2008

Thanks for checking this out Larry! Hey Freak, we gotta talk.

hi Larry from
Billy K.

larry sahagian wow how cool to see your name here. I hope all is well for you and the rest of the gang from your band and the various offshoot bands with craig, aaron and the whole uptown mpls crew.

I remember kegger night with spaghetti at the cabooze. those were the days.

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I enjoyed the Urban Guerrillas CD. How about a DVD ?


Yesterday, the door was open at DKstudio. Upstairs, the door on the left. Met a man there 1984. He married me, bore my young, and stole them away. They cry every day for their mom.She's homeless now 'cause of something she didn't do. Time gets back.

...best part is the picnics on the freeway...
guerrilla education

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I thought I was the only one. I've had both albums for years and ripped them to CD about 10 years ago. I've never really quit listening. I also have the flexi-disc of live material but never quite got around to burning it yet. I used to catch the UG's at Kirby's up in Moorhead during the mid to late 80's. Every weekend it was either the Urban Guerrillas, or the Phones, or Ipso Facto, or the Wallets. I remember the band playing past closing time and Kirby up on stage trying to push Larry off. Then we'd go to a party and Larry would be there hanging out. Good times.

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I used to follow these guys when ever they played around town. I heard them a bunch at William's Pub, I think The Uptown, and ??? ... maybe The 7th Street Entry ?. I can't remember where I bought the two albums but I used to spin them all the time. In fact everytime I hear that it's 4:00, the melody of a "Freeway Picnic Party" runs through my mind and I am compelled to "stop the bus, get out on the street and jam". I heard the lament in these crooners voices while they sang "Ronald Wilson Raygun"(sic). With the election looming I'm sincerly hoping not to hear the tune replayed as "Johnny Sidney Mc(RayGun)Cain". Anyway the reason for this note is that I CAN'T FIND MY ALBUMS. In the mid 1980's my then teenage younger brother had a party with all his nefarious punker pals lurking about my record cabinet and somehow my Urban Guerilla's and Suburb's LPs had strangely gone missing....I am only guessing that these
records were among the casualties of that party. I've looked all over He** for the LP's and I've even looked twice in all the closet's of my misspent youth hoping to turn out any skeletons therein. Alas, up until now my pursuit has plodded along fruitlessly. Please Please let me know how I can get a copy of these "oldies but goodies". Thanks, David

Awesome! I saw the Urban Guerillas twice -- once in New Orleans, Mardi Grad, 1983, Beat Exchange (if memory serves) after coming from Chapel Hill, and again in the Twin Cities in 1984 it must have been, there was snow everywhere. I went out especially to see them, even though I was just in town to help my sister move in.

Thanks for posting about them -- yeahdawg! From Detroit Rock City . . .

For the last 20+ years all I could remember from the tape was "4'o'clock stop the bus get out on the street and jam". And that alone held me to this point! Thank you for this site, it's very nice to know that other people liked the Guerillas too.

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I have been looking for Urban Guerrillas music for years - I'd love copies of the CD's. I remember planning a dance at Cretin High School in St Paul and was excited to book the Guerrillas for it. I had seen them at all ages shows around town. The week before the dance, they played a show at Highland Senior High and I think the principal literally pulled the plug on the show because of bad language or gestures or whatever.

Well, the next Monday our principal said the Guerrillas couldn't play our dance and I was pissed. They were one of the funnest bands I've ever seen and have lots of fond memories. Thanks for the post, Dean!

I'm doing super-fresh transfers of the LPs as I type this. I am coupling the LPs with some "unreleased" material from a short-press Camouflage Records tape, which kicks off with "Chinese Voodoo," clearly one of the Guerilla's finest moments. Drop me a line if you wand in on this CD release - compare it to your own, or get it for the additional material! This could be a double-disker ; )
Larry; you should look in to the Guerrillas vault and let one of us crazy fans have a whack at bringing it in to the digital age...
My aunt apparently hosted an Urban Guerrillas party of some sort a couple times in her life - it's there, folklorically - that I sat down at the drum kit at a little over 3, and tried my best to rock UG style... I've since become a drummer professionally, which is hilarious to me. Thanks, UG.

dear ejr please call me or email larry sahagian 507-330-2489 larry.501@hotmail.com
i want to jam with any one. let's create. help me help myself back in the saddle. i have a ton of new material.

Long live the Guerrillas !! Hey ejr, would love to obtain all that stuff. Hey Larry-- Great to hear from you ! I miss the old daze & I can see you do too. I'd like to interview you for the UG fansite. let's whip up some UG feverish buzz. Soon the world will know what they missed. And you musicians call Larry.. Like Larry said "CREATE" ! The UG legacy must continue however the universe may provide. Give fate a nudge. "Had it up to here with magicians, storytellers, liars.... Love me, leave me.. That is my desire"

For all those interested in this "Super Fresh" edition of the two UG releases, from what I consider "very clean" vinyl, with the addition of the "Camouflage Tapes #84" Self-Titled cassette (Forgotten Eggs, Bliss, Becuz Of You, On THe Frontier, Wild Boy, Venus, Chinese Voodoo, Jonestown, Sudan and Dizzy) give me an e-mail - relics.blog@gmail.com
This, obviously, is a labor of love. I am not grossing a penny from this, but if Larry or any of the UGs wish this to halt, I will immediately disperse.
I am very interested in anybody's UG material, and have the facility to transfer any means of audio or video at no cost to you (dig up your U-Matics, you bastards)... Quite amazing that the UGs are only now starting to get google web results that aren't GEMM.com...

Wow, what a find this blog has been. I've seen hundreds of shows over the last 27 years and have seen no other band more than the Urban Guerillas. Some really memorable moments for me, so many shows at The Uptown, Williams, The Cabooze, First Ave., that place on Lake St. When they played, we went. And Larry was always so cool after the shows, inviting us to go party with him a few times - man, that was fun. It's great to see you corresponding on this blog, Larry - I hope all is well with you.

Down on your back...like it like that.

Urban Guerillas

Finally, a random search on them gets a hit!

I first caught them in a basement on 42nd and 42nd summer of 1982 or 3 I think at the invite from some fellow Brown Instituters.

Then the usual bars, Duffy's and the Cabooze mostly I suppose. I have a few scattered memories of "The Larry's" as my friend and I used to call them. I have some faint recollection of running into and/or going to parties with them more then a few times, but for some very odd reason, it's all a bit foggy.

But the music and the dancing! It tweren't too difficult to stay skinny in those days, HAH! None of this just bopping up and down whilst standing in place these younguns seem to do nowadays. Whatsa matta with this younger generation anyways?

Well, the last time I saw a Larry was at the Nitch.

Ah yeah, anyone else remember Ruth and the Nitch?

I often wonder how Ruth is doing. She was everyone's "big sister"

hey paula ruth and the nitch wow what ablast from the past. the woman new home to rustle up some grub. that was a breakfast for champs way before tramp stamps. it seem people have forgotten how to dance. maybe they need more carbs or somethin.

Hi Larry,
I thought you might remember Ruth, lol.

ya, I have no doubt I got a good dose of dancing energy from that platter of Ruth's 'Electric Screamers'.

Hey, now that you mention it, it was shortly after Ruth moved out of state that I first noticed people just standing around taking up dance floor space.

Who knew?

BTW, it's great to hear from you.

Imagine my surprise when I found myself taking a trip down memory lane and ended up doing a random search for 'Urban Guerillas' and coming across this site.

I sadly only had one experience with the UG's: Someone from my high school (Rosemount) arranged for a 'graduation' show in the Spring of 1983 featuring the Urban Guerillas and The Suburbs. Having lived a relatively sheltered musical life up until that point, I was completely blown away by the show and remember it vividly even today. I look upon that event as the start of my musical journey.

Thanks for the memories.


I really like the artwork and the band. It's all good.


Cheers !!

Yeah, it's nice to search for UG and not only get the Australian band. Finally UG is searchable. Is there ever going to be an official re-release of the music Larry?

Hey its cool people are coming here to read and reminence about the Guerrillas. Glad to be the vehicle. Say Brian thanks for stopping by, hope to see you in the comments section again.

maybe partying will help

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If approved by a band member the music could be uploaded to www.Archive.org. This would make life easier for those who want to enjoy the music and for those tired of making copies.

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I've uploaded "Darwin's..." to Archive.org.

I am trying my best to make sure everything is OK, but for the time being, you should be able to download it in a multitude of formats (including a fantastic stream!) at:

You rock EJR, plus I am way behind in sending out CD's. Any chance you will get Pink Missiles uploaded? If not, I will try.

Thanks for the great response. Hope you all are spending the time to download the HQ MP3s for your portables and the WAVs to burn to CD for your friends (or yourself??).
Will continue to radiate Guerrillas as time permits - please enjoy Darwin's... High-res artwork should be available soon, and those who want disks, just keep yourself together and get loose with this digital download for now...
somebody please jam with Larry so he can put it up somewhere. I want to do it, but Minneapolis is a little ways away from where I am now... Also, please thank Lar and crew (if you see 'em) for letting the Guerrillas finally become less a rumor or faint memory to able-to-be-found internet-wise. Truly a step in preserving their legacy... ?

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east side
i live much closer to the tracks. happy labor day

Saw the Urban G's in Houston, bought their Theory LP and still listen to them to this day. Would love to download their second album or cd. What a great band.

to my hood rat friends
this songs for all the perfect boys and girls
around the world.
all the kens and barbies
and g.i.joes
let's call them the mcdonald/olsen twins
for lack of anyother name
they're out there every night
searching emptiness
for the perfect fuck
to fill them up
well hello let me in
it's not a sin
yeah i'll begin
yeah i'll begin to fuck
to fuck to fuck to fuck
your perfect life up.

Could you please post the site where your fans can download both your albums.
Shine on.....

ken from hong kong,
scroll back to aug. 22
thanks to ejr
darwin's is there now.
more to follow i hope
i should be posting
some new solo material
on you tube very soon.
thanks for the interest.
larry. i will have the info
about when and where
posted here so stay tuned


I downloaded Darwin last week, and have been playing it least 20 to 30 times day. Repeat on. After not listening to your music for at least 20 years, its ammazing how f-ing good you MF'ers were.
That was some great shit you guys put out, and it is a great pleasure to be able to thank you.


follow that link to david loy's myspace. a true 2-chord guitar-playing wonder, and an o.g. u.g.

THANK YOU! After years and countless hours searching for UG I have now found the promise land.

Went to UMD and was turned onto UG by some fiends from the Cities and immediately began road trip rituals to catch UG gigs at the Uptown and Cabooze. UG changed my musical perspective from those days on.

Many props Larry and thanks for making the downloads possible.

Thanks for the great information on the downloads.



thank you i always have
been a supporter, sometimes even importer
of hemp one form or another
please check out the link
for david on sept 11
that's katherine his
mate on vocals, isn't
she loverly
i love moskito ranch
i made mohitos
with home grown hemp
pleace love and
happy penis

did you thank ejr, what a great job he did on dfRWIN.
ASK HIM MAYBE HE'LL do pink missiles too. ya know that was a robin williams line
now whjat weapons of mass erection.
the mice in the attic
stomp like elephants
the diseases of venus
are all around
your face is the equator
all rivers flow to
someday i hope to drown
these days happiness
comes in small portions
like a superbowl commercial
tell me the truth
in 30 seconds
i got nuthin to say
just a prisoner
of success
how many angels
dance on the head of a pin
just a prisoner
of success
i'll take that bet
i know i'll win

Omg..... I am SOOOO happy I found this site... Cabooze, with Julie, Pattie & Mick... Down on the floor.. Lovin' it like that!!! Hey Lar!!! Miss ya and thanks for some of the best memories I have!!!

Bliss is...
Rolling a tape from some unknown year in a self-titled case...
and hearing the familiar notes of "Bliss," but slower... A blast of a song entitled "The Forgotten Eggs," and the strangely harmonious grooves of "Jonestown."

Coming within 24 hrs to an archive.org near you. will post the link then.
PS: Larry & David (lol), your CDs are in the mail as of tomorrow. Thanks again, guys.

comment, question,bit of humor, oohoooh the good humor man he''ll melt like ice cream in your hand
hi terri
i love you
jumpin jack flashj
is a gasgasgas
whta's the difference
between a k-hole
and a a-hole
how many languages
can you say
mother mother mother
love larry
let's create change

Dearest Urban Guerrillas fans:
Please visit: http://www.archive.org/details/UrbanGuerrillas-Self-titledTape for the self-titled tape I have digitized. I am working supplements like high-resolution artwork and scans of the tape & album artwork. Stay tuned. Thanks for all the positivity. The CDs will start going out soon, once the cover art is completed. Turn this tape up loud - it's got to be my favorite Guerrillas release. Let me know if anybody has any video footage from those crazy days, or has any leads - - I am willing to travel!

Great to see a site, and great to hear from Larry. I was turned onto the band by my brother, then proceeded to see them every weekend for about 18+ months, including the conversion to the more "acoustic" side of the Guerilla's including shoes at 7th St. Entry, Williams Pub, The Hole and well, everywhere. Also remember seeing the wallets open for them a few times and I even think the Blue Hippos. I'm sure I bought my LPs at Northern Lights Music, potentially the greatest LP record place in the Northern Hemisphere.

mike, hey
many versions, how bout it
northern lights, ryan and the crew, they loved music
those were the days my friend.
not stuck in the past
but. i love the wallets
and blu hippos to this day.
and wilco,ryan adams, and lucinda williams. don't get me started. start me up may the rolling stones shine a light on you.
love today more than
tommorrow and as much as
yesterdAY love larry

hello again old friend
i've spent my whole life
wundering the freeways,
the major cities, the gravel roads, the small towns the road less traveled.
lookin for my partner
lookin back
acccept the fact
my partner is the future
and tommorrow is the day
after i die
then mabe i'll find you
and be satisfied
i hate to say somehow
im still happy and thankful for what i found today alot of people have felt
lived thru hell or been in real danger
you really can't know hell or danger
til ur 1 step from losing ur mind
that's when
it's time to pray
to every angel you know
i hope this sort of commitment
doesn't scare you
but i i was going thru
youre someone i want by
my side

Some of the Rolling Stones best lyrics can be found on Exile on Main Street. That will forever remain a classic album.

happy halloween
don't forget to vote

Dude, I listened to the Guerrillas out in the sticks of Minnesota (Olivia)... a friend's older sister brought them home from college...the records that is...Darwin's Theory and Moisture Missiles were the 2 we had...now I hear there is an earlier recording as well???? Hook a brother up with some mp3's..surely somebody transferred the vinyl to their computer..right??? I would if I still had 'em.---Say hi to Hairy Larry!!!

Larry- since I see you read these...wanna thank you for all the great tunes you guys created. they made partying out in hickville Minnesota a better experience. I once met you at The Cabooze when you were working there?...booking the bands? Anyways--hurry up with the new record...we're all Jonezin'--DDUBBL in Denver

hey D Dubbl
check the post on sept 19
the archive address for the
download is there. it's rff and punky but different songs. it was the first cassette we made in 1982. take care larry

Attack of the Pink Heat Seeking Moisture Missiles is also now at www.archive.org for easy download.

i would like to say thanks again to everyone for the great memories and help with the uploads your great. thanks larry

check joe strummer:
the future is unwritten
dvd doc bio on joe
it's awesome larry

Every couple years I would do a search on the UG, finding nothing, (except once found Larry's name working as a promoter or something associated with a bar in Rochester?) Anyway, Hi Larry! Good to be in the same room with you again! One of my fondest memories was in the summer of 83, renting a dive house in Northeast Minneapolis while going to the U and having the Guerillas play in my living room for the coolest summer party ever. I'm pretty sure it was busted up by the cops, but not until like 4 AM or so. I have no recollection of how that event came about, except I remember Larry having a very can-do attitude about playing that summer wherever he was invited. I remember fondly (at many UG gigs) being submerged in the hypnotic reggae rhythms and loved how Larry when singing would pull up his leg in this little Bob Marleyesque dance gesture, which reminds me, did you all know Larry was a roadie with Bob Marley? What a gift opportunity that must have been! wow, I'm also remembering now hanging out at the band's house one afternoon having some very enjoyable deep meditations. Thanks Larry for freely sharing your life and your music!

I met these guys at a club in tampa florida, the naked vanilla. bought the album "aotphsmm" album got ruined, would love to get a cd.
hung out with them in the RV, memory turns to haze at this point

I went to archive.org and could not find attack of the pink....

would REALLY love to hear it again. along with any other UG sounds. anyone willing to burn me a disc out there?

I looked through my tape collection and found the following 2 tapes - live @ DK studios 12-2-84 and live at the U of MN Whole Coffeehouse (date unknown).

Set list from DK studios - special kind of lady, sex beat, my generation, get drunk on my love, time warp radio (as true today as it was then!), your cheatin' heart, ronnie's song, freeway picnic party, sudan, knockin' on heaven's door, my generation, get drunk on my love (they played a few songs twice just for good measure?)

I'll listen to the Whole tape and transcribe that set list next.

I can transfer these to a CD if someone would like to go to the trouble of converting to mp3's and posting.

robert d
i would love to have a copy
of both those tapes. i'll pay you or trade you new material. let me know.
love larry and larry loves you. larry.501@hotmail.com

long live bob dobbs
and the church of the sub genius

hey john
seek and ye shall find
attack of is at archive.org
go there and search
thanks for the memories

Hi Larry,

I'll be happy to send you these tapes. Let me check out their quality first on my stereo, cause they sounded pretty skanky in the car yesterday.

Its great to hear from you!


hey guys, I see that "Moisture Missles" is now up at archive.org - however there's a skip about 2:20 into Independence Day, one of my favorite tunes


quality not so important
just like to have them
i have nothing from those days. long story about
sex, drugs, and rock and roll but mostly drugs.
i want to see if i can at least translate some of the lyrics.
thanks again. larry

to whoever posted the
armenian heatwave on archive. it shows the difference between our live shows and the records.
fun fun fun
thanks again larry

Whoa...crazy fogginess rolling in. Okay, I broke my nose at an UG show at the Uptown, smearing blood on the crowd (back when this wouldn't be a concern). Another night telling Larry Oarfolkjokeupus had burned (after just being there an hour prior). And towards the end of their career getting to be one of the "colored girls." Hey Larry, Laura here...the drunken spotted girl who smoked on band breaks with you, do you remember? Terrie (and others), if you check back I sadly regret to inform you our dear Mick left us several Halloweens ago. If an UG reunion happens, I want to know and go!

I'm there with you Laura. We had some really fun times at thise shows.

I'm there with you Laura. We had some really fun times at those shows.

I vaguely remember a girl bleeding all over the place at a concert at the Uptown. Thought it was a Replacement's show but memories get fuzzy. Glad to hear LL survived.

hey laura
sorry to here about mick
yeah i remember your gang
terri,mick yourself a couple others. i don't
think a reunion will happen
but new music from me is around the corner, plus new
or different versions of some older stuff.
those days were great some of my fondest memories
but that was then and this
is now. we can love the
past but not live in it.
hope everythings cool

I have been trying to find Urban Guerilla Cd's forever. I tried the Archive.org link and nothing came up. Cheapo Discs in Uptown has an Urban Guerillas section in the LP room and never has any records. Please let me know if I can get copies of CD's from anyone-would greatly appreciate it. Also, anyone have any early stuff by the Phones?

hey kyle,
try this just google
urban guerrillas
then scroll down you'll find
internet archive with darwin's that is archive.org site
or do a search for urban guerrillas on the archive.org site both albums are there in downloadable formats plus a live from 1st ave concert and a early cassette.
take care larry

I tried to download moisture missile on the archive site. There seems to be issues w/ the file. Darwin's is missing as well, and that worked last week. Only the cassette is there. Help! Knocky, knocky, knocky.

I understand some folks are having problems with the archive.org site - here is a set of links that will make your day:

This is my version of "Darwin's Theory," which has been boosted and de-clicked. Some say it sounds better than the first time they heard it.


A self-titled tape I had and digitized. Sounds pretty nice for being a 20+ year old tape.


A live tape from a set at First Avenue. Essential listening, if only for the live version of Chinese Voodoo.

There is a version of Pink Heat Seeking Moisture Missiles on archive.org, but it really does not sound very good. No offense to the person who made it available - probably the same dude as the First Avenue live tape - so definitely check it out if you need to hear the songs... But know I am working on the clean-up project of a lifetime with my version of that LP. Should be available before xmas, for all those who are looking for a wicked free gift to give to your friends/relatives/enemies/special someone/somebody on craigslist.

Happy turkey day, you jive turkeys, enjoy the music, and thank Larry and company personally for the musical legacy that will outlive us all.

Larry, Don't you have access to the masters? Either the reel to reel or the acetate? Could you do a reunion gig? (is everyone alive and not doing time or something?) I have a booking background and think it could make some $$$. email me direct if this is sensitive info for you.
ps- that file of Moisture Missile on archive site cannot be played or unzipped correctly on a PC.

Sorry, Moisture does run now on Archive- sounds lousy. Still burning it!

dear dave and everyone
20 million dollars
doesn't spell happiness
an orgasm without love
is masturbation.
i loved every minute of
urban guerrillas but i have no wish to relive those days. i talk to david and john occasioanlly
we don't really hear from larry abitz much at all.
i really am humbled that people have as fond memories as i do. the songs and recordings from that time were o.k. they could have been better but wedid the best we could.
i have tons of new material. i have posted on here that i would enjoy getting together with any musicians. i hope to do some time of live show. it would include some u.g. material. my phone # 507-330-2489 email larry.501@hotmail.com
i will be happy to send a free dvd of songs to anyone who asks. i should have some things on utube or myspace soon solo with piano drum machine and vocals for now
thanks again to everyone

larry or ??

do you remember some guy named Brian that moved to Sarasota fl. he is who turned me on to seeing you guys.
a case of whatever happened to brian!

hey john
tha's just a little to vague don't remember someone who moved to sarasota off hand
see ya larry

Since you're strollin' down the ages with the rest of us....
Remember a big guy named Hal "King Var" Hanson? Great metal worker, artist, and "green thumb". He was up in Fargo/Mrhd for a few years. Met him there, met you there...Kirby's, etc.
Love your stuff...past and present. Keep us updated as to live gigs. Love reading/hearing about you.


Hal seems to ring a bell.
i think. kirby's and forehead were always fun. remember? sam,andy and john
they had a band and then joined me for the short lived rodeo clowns and a version of the guerrilla's
well take care

hey everybody
freealonzo thanks again
happiness for whatever
holiday you celebrate.
here's a little holiday poem. if your depressed
be glad it's not about you
things can always get worse.

daddy wears mommy
mommy's not coming home anymore son
please daddy
don't go in the toybox
my son begged
mommy will be mad
not any more son
daddy wears mommy
as i walked across the room
my baby started to cry
my daughter sat on the floor
frozen icy cold
like my wife's bottle of absolute
the she keeps in the freezer
as i lifted the lid on the toy box
i started to cry
and i begged god to tell me why
why is my daughter drunk
i found my wife's extra vodka
in the children's toybox
she'd tried so hard to be just like mommy
drinkin absoulute
from her winnie the pooh mug
mommy said don't tell daddy
about our little secret
daddy wears mommy
mommy not coming home
she ran away with your sister
they ranaway to heaven.

the end
love larry
i have the dvd ready
it's new material
e-mail with a snail mail address
i'll send you one they are free for now.
phone 507-330-2489

i am now on facebook.
in case anyones interested
freealonzo did you get the
dvd. thanks larry

OMG - I can't believe I found this site! I was never able to find any info about the band on the internet before, but I thot I'd give it another shot - and I found this site. Someone gave me a tape with "Darwin's" on it when I was in the Army in Germany in the 80's. It was one of my favorite albums of all time, but the tape was lost to eternity somewhere along the way. I'm originally from St. Cloud, MN, but never knew the UGs were from MN! This is an awesome blast from the past and I'm glad that there are people out there that remember and love this band like I do!

somepin funny
happy b day rush limbaugh
can't say sompin good
say nutin atalll
billy crystall
where do ya keep ya
coyete urine
kara dioguradi
in my coca cola cup

Hey check out the offer Larry makes above for a free DVD of some of his new music.

There isn't much to the video part of it (sorry Larry) but the music is great. In a word, haunting.

i know the video was less than a shoestring. but the music i'm glad you like.
the vid cam was the only recorder i had. thanks again. larry

Larry and UG's - thanks for all the great songs and shows!
also, thanks for the archive. i was going to send you Dance or Die...Live from the Hub of Hell! so you could work your magic, but i see it's up. what happened to Special Kind of Lady?

hey max, special kind of lady, great song written by Kraig Johnson. i have so little stuff from back then. everythings that's posted so far has come from fans. i have no tapes w that song wish i did.

hey max, special kind of lady, great song written by Kraig Johnson. i have so little stuff from back then. everythings that's posted so far has come from fans. i have no tapes w that song wish i did.

hey max. i moved around so much i lost all my old tapes that song was written by Kraig Johnson
great song. everything that's been posted has been done by fans with my blessing and thanks. those were fun times.
take care larry

I love to pull out the old tapes and kick back. Every time i hear them it takes me back to easier times. There are so many good memories when the U.G. was playing in the background.

hey 2 new songs postedon my
facebook page u can download and share. they
are my new patented idea.
instead of videos they are
screensavers w/ music.
cool huh. larry


tried to check out your facebook songs but couldn't access them . . . Faribeault, huh? BRRRRRRRRRR

meanwhile I have an od tape of what I think are The Widgets?

were You pART of that or was that mostly David's project

ref.: i know next to nothing since I been next to you

I miss NNB most of all I guess tho I do some CONsulting for Duncan Hannah

glad you have the DIY ehtic intact Larry, I remember when that was a force unto itself and the careerists kept a rather lower profile?

ref.: Shame is ASSumed while Guilt is IMPosed

hey you i never refuise a friend in need . widgets loved cem worked for em omnly sound live really wasc a grup effeort ed,aaron, david , clay , tom and others but they rocked, don't know why you can'yt access larry sahagian onm fdacebook i'll be youer frien just ask. may the force be with you.

happy valentine's day
and friday 13th.
there's now nine songs
on facebook
love larry

16 songs and counting..and artists from around the globe are now posting all sorts of fun stuff..friend me on facebook..
help the virtual grass/roots art garden grow..... larry sahagian

Are there any pictures of the band out there on the interweb? I'll be posting a blog on my memories of some of the shows I've seen of the Urban Guerrillas soon and I'd like to include a photo of the band.

Any ideas?

What a find. I was playing guitars this afternoon with a couple of other music geezers in a St. Louis Park basement and I was lamenting my inability to find UG music anywhere. I was Kirby's regular back back in the old days, and I loved this band. Thanks for preserving and getting the music out there, Larry. Sounds awesome, and can't wait to check out the new stuff.

Hey Jim, I am not sure where you can get some UG images. Not a lot on the interwebs. Larry, can you help out?

hello again, well as the saying goes i got plenty o nuthin...daniel corrigan,edward berstch..join facebook i'll friend you.. paul timothy smith...i also have songs on youtube now
under larrygr90
thanks for the memories

For anyone who might be interested, I just posted the last part of a year-long blog series on my concert-going memories. The last installment focuses on our favorite band from the 80s. Yep, Whitesnake... No, I'm kidding.

It's about the Urban Guerrillas. I list a few show highlights and include the image of the collage that came with the copy of 'Armenian Heat Wave Dance Party' which I purchased many, many years ago.

So, check it out. Leave a comment if you wish.


well if you find this great
facebook disabled me..not sure why..but life go on
we'll see about a new facebook account

back on facebook you will have to refriend

bootleg tape live at the U of MN Whole Coffeehouse (date unknown).

go to facebook and look for "Urban Guerrillas"

I just stumbled onto this site and does it bring the flash-backs... I also am looking for CD's. My memories are not only seeing you all at the various venues: 7th St Entry, McCafferty's Downtown St. Paul, Duffy's and all -- but also the many parties UG came and played in my dining room and yard in West St. Paul (me, Threz, Sandy & Rob's# which was the house at the top of the hill - 60 steps up. I really remember #actually fuzy# the Ulmer Beer release party. #EJR, I remember you as the 3 year old at the parties playing on the drum kit). I also wonder what happened to the other bands that graced the dining room including: 2 Faces Turned, Tet Norez, the Suburbs, and many others.. JimBob

in case your interested..i'm going to be reading poetry...along with jane mansfield,,grant hart..and others..patches and gretchen will be doing some songs..plus more cool stuff...gallery 13...8th and lasalle..mpls..mn..thursday may 21...and it's free

The band I was in,The Story openned for the Urban Guerillas the last nite they had live music at Williams Pub.What a wild nite.

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