Friday Random Top 10


Al Gore shares/wins Nobel Peace Prize. It seems like the new line of attack on Al Gore is that he is a “hypocrite.? He preaches about global warming but then has a life style that consumes much more resources than the average person. Besides the fact that he purchases carbon credits to somewhat offset his life style (a complicated and hard to explain rationale I admit) this line argument totally ignores the impact Gore has had on the global warming debate. Through Gore’s efforts, the issue of global warming has gone way beyond the “is it really happening stage? to “what do we do about it stage.? Heck even the Bush Administration has made some baby steps toward acknowledging global warming. George W. Bush always says he believes history will find that his actions were correct. I have a strong feeling that history will not look kindly at his turning a blind eye to the issue of global warming. With that, this week’s random top 10:

1. Pay Me My Money Down – Bruce Springsteen
2. We Want the Airwaves – The Ramones
3. My Hero – Foo Fighters
4. I’m Not Angry – Elvis Costello
5. I Don’t Want to Fall in Love – She Wants Revenge
6. Tony’s Theme (Live) – Pixies
7. Stakalee – Frank Hutchison
8. Good Ol’ Mountain Dew – Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash
9. Salome – Old 97s
10. First Night – The Hold Steady


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