Friday Random Top 10

Well the T-wolves suprised me and actually pulled of a decent trade. I never thought they'd ever be able to dump Mark Blount's bloated contract. Hopefully they can buy out or trade Walker. We aren't going to see a lot of wins this year but I think the plan is good. Start from scratch with a bunch of young pups, horde draft pics and grow a fun, competative team. Not sure if McHale can pull it off, but at least they're heading in the wrong direction. Also note to Greet Machine. I'd say the verdict is in on that Celtics trade that sent Wally to Boston: Failure, absolute failure.

With that, here's this week's top 10:

1. Ready For Love/After Lights - Mott the Hoople
2. Three Girl Rhumba - Wire
3. The Piano has been Drinking - Tom Waits
4. Lonely - Jack Logan
5. Confusion - New Order
6. 14 Cheerleader Coldfront - Guided by Voices
7. Don't Talk to Strangers - Chris Gaylord
8. Depression - Black Flag
9. Some Against You (live) - The Pixies
10. Indecision Time - Husker Du

Wow, that list was pretty obscure. Nice change of pace.

What's your top 10?


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