Gophers Trampled by Thundering Herd


O.k. so I had my excellent cheeseburger and 2 strong, spicy Bloody Marys and I've settled into my seat at the Dome on a beautiful October day in October. First time all year to see in my own eyes Brewster's Gophers. Three plays later Gophers up by 7 and my thoughts about this game -- Gophers have too much speed and firepower on offense for the Bison -- are coming true.

Fast forward 3 plus hours and I'm dejected, sad, mostly embarassed because the Gophers lost 21-27 to the North Dakota State University Bison. The Gophers were overrun, outcoached and just plain and simple outplayed. It was disgusting. It was demoralizing, it was ...embarassing.

The Bison just over ran the Gophers defense. What is worse is that they pretty much ran the same 4 plays. Bison running backs were hardly ever touched at the line of scrimmage, Gophers couldn't or wouldn't cover their backs coming out of the backfield, and the Bison QB had no trouble finding wide open receivers. On Offense the Gophers were boring, couldn't execute when they had a good play called and seemed to be going through the motions.

Brewster apologists have said that Mason left the cupboard bare and I agree to a point. Also Brewster is playing a lot of Freshmen but plain and simple the effort and coaching just isn't there. We gotta give Brewster a couple of years to see where this is going but it's going to take a lot of success to wash the bad taste out of Gopher Nation's mouth.



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