2007 Green-Build Conference


I was in Chicago the first half of this week at the Green-Build Conference sponsored by the US Green Building Council. Just think, 20,000 people to learn how to plan, construct, and manage buildings in a more sustainable manner. Bill Clinton gave the keynote speech and it was a blast to be with that many people to talk about sustainability.

Last week I talked about Global Warming and how the Republican party is becoming increasingly out of step with the world, U.S. population, and big business as well in its attitude toward global warming and sustainability. My short time in Chicago only cemented those thoughts.

If you think that this conference was sponsored by Tom’s of Maine toothpaste, Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, and the Grateful Dead, you are horribly mistaken. One thing I noticed at the conference is that Big Business is at the table in regards to sustainability. Many large, Fortune 500 companies were represented at this conference and/or were conference sponsors, including such old line companies as GE and GM. One large energy firm, United Technologies was a huge sponsor and is doing amazing things in terms of sustainability. Ford Motor Company (Ford!) is constructing buildings and factories with Green Roofs. The list goes on.

To those who think that being sustainable or to propose strategies that reduce our carbon footprint is bad for business needs to enter the 21st Century. Big business is at the table, they are implementing solutions, they are open to reducing their carbon footprint. It makes for good business. Many firms are way ahead of Republicans in this issue and I think most Republicans will become seen as increasingly shrill and out of touch if they continue with their current attitude toward global warming.

One short note on Chicago. What a great City. Clean, beautiful, lots to do. I ate at a little Tai restaurant that had no entries over $8.00 one night and at Harry Caray’s an old school steak and chop place where they sell 23 oz steaks for $42.00 the other night. The City is incredibly busy and I’d hate to have to commute everyday into the City, but man talk about energy and fun!


Man, I'm jealous. I haven't been to Chicago for a conference since attending an EPA Region 5 conference shortly after I started working for the state. Needless to say, yours was way more interesting. :-) And you're right, many of the bigger corporations are already on board with sustainability. It's too bad so many politicians and pundits are still caught up in the "jobs vs. environment" BS.

hey free, hope you had fun bowling at Ten Pin. i have enjoyed our little bowling games over the years. i was a bit sore the next day. fat, old, and lazy is no way to lead my life. i was a bit buzzed when i got home. i just about died when i discovered that i gave the waitress a $50 tip. she wasn't even hot! it was fun. sure wish we could have gone to a show.

Tim B, bowling was a hoot. You'd think with a $50.00 tip in her pocket we would have gotten better service! Remember that waitress at the Metro who got paid by both of us for our bar tab?

It took longer for us to drive to O'Hare from downtown than it did to fly from Chicago to Mpls.

Also got Klaxens and Arctic Monkeys today from library. I'll let you know what I think.


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