Are the Vikings Back In My Life?

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There’s something stirring and I’m not sure what it is. It’s like when you were younger and you come across an old girlfriend and you see her in a different light: she’s cuter somehow; nicer; sexier. You start to question yourself: why did I break up with her again? She wasn’t that bad was she? You remember fondly the good times, rationalizing away the bad times. You ask, should I try again? Do I risk the disappointments, the stupid decisions, the lack of performance?

That’s how I feel about the Vikings right now. Being a life long Minnesotan in my early to mid-40’s I’ve experienced just about every emotion with the Vikes, (except, of course, ultimate victory), but mainly I’ve experienced disappointment. It’s gotten to the point that over the past few years, I haven’t really cared. Sure I’ll watch the games if nothing else is going on but when they lose or play way under expectations, it’s something to laugh about, not get upset about.

Miraculously, the Vikes are playing well, heck, they’re even fun to watch. So do I get involved emotionally again? Do I start to care, rekindle an old love affair with the risk of having my heart crushed? Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect a “Superbowl homeboy.? But right now a playoff appearance and a good (but losing) effort against a good team is all I want and I’ll be hooked, cementing a solid relationship for next year.

So maybe I’ll try to kick it off with this new/old girlfriend once again. Hopefully smarter, more wary when those old habits start to crop up, but in full steam once again. Unfortunately we all know how it’s going to end.

What’s your opinion of the Vikings this season?

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I feel exactley the same way Free. I WANT to cheer for this team, but you just know the other shoe is going to drop. But when? Monday night against the hated Bears is a possibility because I will be in attendance. A loss to that squad would be a real downer. Although the Vikes seem to have rid their team of most of the "bad elements" so they are automatically easier to cheer for in that regard. I do have my doubts about that Dwight Smith guy though....

Jeff T.


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