Christmas Shopping Sucks!!!!


I tried to go Christmas Shopping last night. What a frackin' disaster. Stores have no sales help. A middle age guy roaming uncertianly through the women's clothes department should be a shining beacon for help (and an easy sale). But no. There's no floor help, just a couple of people manning the cash registers. Prices may be cheap due to sales, but there is very little variety, sizes, colors, etc. And if you do happen upon a store that is busy, everyone is rude, getting in your way, acting stupid.

No wonder internet sales are becoming more and more popular every year. After my disappointing experience at the stores, I came home went on the web and ordered what I wanted in the size and colors I wanted. I swear, no more stores for me.

How's your shopping experience?


Hmmmm was it for my christmas present????????

Ha! Your present was no trouble. I found some brown socks at Walgreens.

I'm about half done with my shopping, still have my dad and sister to do.

For my three nieces, I went nuts at Red Balloon Bookshop on Grand Ave.

For my grandma, I had to try and track down the chocolate straws she always wants. Normally, I would get them in the basement candy shop at Dayton's/Marshall Field's downtown, which had an expanded line of holiday candies that you couldn't find anywhere else, or at least I couldn't. Now that it's Macy's, that seems to have gone away. So I went online and further learned that the maker of my gramma's preferred version of chocolate straws has apparently folded. But luckily, there were a couple sites that were having closeout sales, so now I just have to hope my order gets here in time.

Tomorrow, I will be heading back to Macy's with the nieces to check out the Mary Poppins holiday display. God help Macy's if they ever take away the holiday display...


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