Friday Random Top 10


Twins weren't able to swing a deal for Johan Santana this week. I think the Twins should trade Johan because I don't want them hamstrung with one person making 25 percent of the payroll. The Timberwolves showed us that isn't a good way to run a team. However, the Twins need to get super high value for Johan so they need to wait until they get the right deal. What really concerned me is that Detroit was able to get Cabrera and Willis by trading only prospects. Time was the Twins had lots of prospects, they don't any more (except for a few pitchers). Detorit is mortgaging it's future for wins now and the Twins are building for the future. It's hard to say which way is better. Time will tell.

With that, here's this week's top 10:

1. Blues Mary - The Geardaddies
2. I am...I Said - Neil Diamond
3. The Man in Black - Johnny Cash
4. I'm Always in Love - Wilco
5. I Want to be the Boy - The White Stripes
6. Eyesight to the Blind - The Who
7. Girl Wants to be with the Boys (live) - The Talking Heads
8. Massive Nights - The Hold Steady
9. Man of Constant Sorrow - The Soggy Bottom Boys
10. Toolmaster of Brainerd - Trip Shakespeare

I swear sometimes my I-Pod wants to be a college radio station programmer. Today was one of those days.


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