Guilty Pleasures


I watched a movie this week that I really enjoy but am afraid to admit that I like it. It’s the classic definition of a guilty pleasure. With that in mind I’ve decided to confess my guilty pleasures so that I can cleanse my soul of any guilt.


American Dreamz. A comedy starring Mandy Moore that is a hilarious spoof on American Idol, our fascination on celebrity, and terrorists. It got horrible reviews, little box office, and most who have watched it have forgotten all about it. I think it’s hilarious.

Camelot. King Arthur legend as told via a big Broadway musical. Cheesy sets, Richard Harris talks-sings his songs, and hokey ending make for a can’t miss sing-along.

Moulin Rouge. A modern day musical where you know the will love interest will die at the end. But those songs, those sets, Nicole Kidman’s luminous skin! I’m a sucker for this movie.


I actually don’t watch a whole lot of TV outside of sports, movies, and the Daily Show. I used to watch Survivor religiously but I’ve even gotten bored by that. I will stop at The World’s Wildest Police Chases whenever it’s on Court TV so I guess that counts too.


Sorry not much here either. I have pretty catholic tastes but no Michael Bolton, ABBA, or Backstreet Boys on the I-Pod. I do have K.C. and the Sunshine Boys and Tom Jones but those are more for the irony factor than anything else.


Man, I guess I really don’t have a lot of guilty pleasures. I have to admit that I read Hints from Heloise in the paper. Plus Mark Trail in the comics.

What are your guilty pleasures?


Movies: I too really like Moulin Rouge. The music is stunning.

I must also admit that I like Brad Pitt movies, especially Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

TV: I go out of my way to watch The Amazing Race.

Music: Does INXS count. Can't get enough of them.

Books: I have impeccable taste.

Movies: I'm a sucker for low-rent action flicks like The Condemned.

TV: My dad hooked me on pro wrestling when I was a kid and I enjoy the weekly break from reality. We also still get together every month to watch the big pay-per-views.

Books: I'm not guilty about it, but I'm sure most literary types probably would not classify Vince Flynn as highbrow stuff, but I enjoy it. Just finished "Protect and Defend" earlier today.

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