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Here are my favorite movies of 2007...

I’m Not There. Movie of the year hands down. If you know the story behind Dylan, seen Don’t Look Back, read the David Hadju book, etc., the movie may have more meaning, but it is glorious nonetheless. Great film making from a Director who truly loves the subject matter. A must see.

Juno. Very arch, but with a heart of gold. I felt at times that the 16-year old Juno was witty and composed way beyond her years but we do see some vulnerability come through at the end. I saw this movie with my teen kids, including my daughter who is adopted and whose birthmother was 13 at the time of her pregnancy.

Superbad. Raunchy, profane fun. The thing is, guys think, act and talk just like the characters in this movie. I thought the ending was great as it laid out exactly the emotions guys go through when deciding when to leave their pals for regular sex with a girlfriend.

Across the Universe. Great vision, great music. On par with Moulin Rouge but without the choreography.

Into the Wild. Beautifully shot, emotional, thought provoking. Sympathetic to Chris McCandless while also showing the hurt he created in those who loved him.

Once. Nice, quiet little movie with characters you absolutely adore. Simple story, simply told. No big surprise at the end, stupid subplots, or unneeded characters. Great music that is integral to the story.

Pan’s Labyrinth. I think this movie was officially released in 2006 but didn't make it to Mill City until 2007. Great vision, set pieces, and acting. Very dream like, you wish it were a fantasy story.

Biggest Disappointment: I Am Legend. It had potential but it turned out to be a big zombie chase movie. Definitely wait for the DVD.

What were your favorite movies?


Biggest Disappointment indeed handle the title well....not as i expected it. The one to watch out is definitely I'm not there.
Will recommend others to watch it.


Impressive Knowledgebase.


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