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I really shouldn't be doing a 2007 music review as I didn't listen to a whole lot of new music but it's the end of the year, I have a blog, and I listen to music so here goes...

Soundtracks/Compilations: I did listen to a couple of Soundtracks this year. One I really enjoyed was from the movie Once. The movie was great and the music was integral to the story, heck it was the story. Fortunately the songs stand on their own outside the movie theater. Glen Hansard's spare compositions get under your skin. Highlights are Falling Slowly (which is the story of the movie) and When Your Mind's Made Up. The duets are nice too. Across the Universe was another soundtrack I listened to. Unfortunately it doesn't rate as high as Once. The movie was so visually stimulating it's hard to take these songs away from the movie. It comes across as another Beatles cover album. Speaking of Beatles cover albums, I also really enjoyed the Darfur album full of John Lennon songs. There were a lot of surprises here and I found myself coming back to this album time after time. Strong songs include U2's Instant Karma and Power to the People by the Black Eyed Peas. Definitely a keeper.

Rock: I got Neil Young's Chrome Dreams II just for buying two tickets to his Northrop concert. It was o.k. The two long rockers were pretty good. Probably not an album I'll listen to much in the future. Wilco's Sky Blue Sky was definitely one of the albums of the year. It had a real 70's vibe for me and Nels Cline's guitar work was jazzy cool. Jeff Tweedy was in fine vocal form and I really dug Either Way and On and On and On. The concert made me appreciate Impossible Germany, and Hate it Here is a great post break up song.

Alternative/Punk: Spoon got so much press that I just had to check them out and Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga was pretty damn good. I should be listening to more of Spoon and may check out their back catalog. Arcade Fire's album Neon Bible was treated as a lost Gospel. Of course it couldn't possibly exceed the praise but it's a pretty damn good album. The year's highlight for me was the Klaxon's Myths of the Near Future. Arty, Punky, nothing like you hear on the radio. This is the one to turn up real loud. Thanks Timmy B for turning me on to this. Radiohead's In Rainbows took a while to warm up to, but I'm really start to like it. Not as good as O.K. Computer (what is?) and I probably like Hail to the Thief better but still pretty damn cool. This band has set the bar so high we sometimes forget that most music pales in comparison to Radiohead's o.k. stuff (I'm talking to you Shane). Finally a disparaging word about the Shins' Wincing the Night Away. God that album sucked. I can't believe anyone likes this crap. Biggest pile of dung I've heard in a long long time.

Singles: Young Folks by Peter, Bjorn, and Young is by far the song of the year. Infectious tune, cool vibe, and kick ass whistling. Can't count how many times I heard random strangers whistling this groove. Close runner-up: Gone Gone Gone by Robert Plant and Allison Krause. What a cool country-infused song. I always turn it up when I hear this one. Almost close runner-up: Anyone Else But You by Michael Cera and Ellen Page. Closes Juno and is a perfect coda to a nice little movie. Can't help smiling listening to this one.

What were your 2007 music faves?


hey free-glad u dig the klaxons. did you mean "Young Folks" by peter, bjorn, and john? it's not peter york-here is a link to their website-- btw. it is a decent album. what's the deal with the shins? dung heap?'s a great album. made a few best of lists. lcd soundsystem, now that's overblown crap!!!

I made the song correction. I dropped that in there with the intention to get correct name and forgot. Sorry, I really tried the Shins but after two listenings I was mad I just lost 90 minutes of my life that I could have been listening to All-American Rejects or The Fray.

You won't see In Rainbows on my list. Mediocre and no O.K. Computer.

What about some music you rediscovered this year Free? Any of your top albums that somehow stayed in your CD player more than you thought they would?

Thanks for asking Shane! The first part of the year I was really on a Guided by Voices and Decemberists jag. Lately I've been listening to Belle and Sebestian and Teenage Fan Club (gotta love those Scotts). One album I listened to a lot this year, and with 50 songs that's saying something, is Elvis Costello's Get Happy! It's the 2 disc affair with alternate takes and stuff. It has a real motown vibe and I just eat it up.

Also right now I have over 6500 songs on my I-pod and have been obsessed with listening to each song at least once as indicated on the times played column in i-tunes. I'm down to less than 1000 but it's a bunch of songs that I don't necessary like (e.g. Neil Diamond's greatest hits). But a lot are forgotten gems. I just listened to Son Volt yesterday and Shane I think you would dig them, especially their first two albums.

I have enjoyed your blog for some time now, but lest you begin to think that I post comments only to blow sunshine up your ass, let me LOUDLY say that you are WRONG about Wincing the Night Away. Ear candy, yes, but the very tastiest kind.

And, I really don't get the All American Rejects reference -- care to clue us in on that?

Actually, it is refreshing to see that we disagree about SOMETHING.

You know I just went back to make sure I was talking about the same Shins album that everyone likes. Yup it's the one I couldn't stand. I guess we just agree to disagree.

The All American Rejects reference is just a mediocre generic rock band I pulled out of thin air to show how low I placed Wincing the Night Away.

Ha! And there is In Rainbows on my list. Well, at least you can't accuse me of being too stubborn.

I think I'm going to check out Spoon now.

I'll take partial credit for having you take a second look at In Rainbows.

That's some pretty funny stuff ;)

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