Friday Random Top 10

Man I thought I lost my I-pod, which would have been a major buzz kill. Alas, someone put it in a placxe it shouldn't be!! I'm obsessed with listening to every song on my I-Pod and I would have had to start over. Any way here's this week's top 10:

1. Hillbilly Drummer Girl - Young Fresh Fellows
2. Curtain Calls - Old 97s
3. Lucinda - Tom Waits
4. Sun of a Gun - Nirvana
5. Honey, I'm a Big Boy Now - Billy Bragg
6. San Quentin - Johnny Cash
7. Mystery's All Mine - Jules Shear
8. Blue Monn of Kentucky - Elvis Presley
9. What's Tickling You - Jack Logan
10. Tried to Hide - Hypstrz

Fun list, kinda obscure, but not really. This could sustain me on a car ride.

What's your top 10?


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