Gopher Stadium Rising


stadium rising.jpg

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, a resurrection of biblical proportions is happening just north of University Avenue in Stadium Village. Blink twice and you see ghostly images of the band marching down University Avenue. If you listen carefully you can hear Ray Christianson announcing the names of Bronko Nagurski, Carl Eller, Tony Dungy swirling in the wind and a loud roar fills the air as the Golden Gophers enter the sun-drenched field ready to play football the way it was meant to be played: Under a fall sky.


Yay! Have you seen any kind of model for this stadium or is there just the pictures available online?

Well there is this:

Plus a little birdie tells me we may have some more pictures in February.

OK - wish it was a little bigger, but I have to say that was pretty cool...

A nice new stadium for the Badgers to continue to kick the snot out of the Goophs. I can't wait!

Oh Cheesehead. Don't you know? We understand we dishonored the Football Gods by moving Gopher Football to the Metrodome. We've paid with heartbreaking loses and Tim Brewster's boasting.

But we are building a new altar to the Gods, one without a roof so that the sun shines on the field, and the wiff of brats and decaying leaves fill the air.

I believe the Football Gods will look upon this great altar and say: It is Good, now go kick some Badger Ass!

Testify, Brother Free! Testify!


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