Oh so Close!

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This was going to be the week. The weather was going to be cold but we would warm up the stadium. Our team had been playing surprising well all season, much better than any one expected. Now this week we were home against a high profile team from the east. Win this week and we would be in the national spotlight, with a chance to play for a national championship. But alas we lost, our senior leadership let us down and although we played gutty, in the end we lost by only a few points to an opponent that was just a little bit better than we were.

I’m talking about the Packers right? Uh no. I’m talking about your Minnesota Golden Gopher basketball team and their gut-wrenching home loses to #8 Indiana and #10 Michigan State. Going into this week everyone thought that here was a perfect time to make a statement. Gopher basketball was back. Win these games and we would be a ranked team with a good chance to be invited to the big dance. We played well, kept the games close but ultimately lost and exposed this team for what it really is: An up and coming team that is probably best suited for the NIT this year.

Let’s face it Dan Coleman and Spence Tollackson just aren’t that good. Tollackson especially had brutal games. If you are then left to rely on Freshman, well you’re going to lose tough ones in the end. That’s what happened this week.

And just like those besotted Packer fans who are just now clearing the cobwebs from their pickled brains, we have hope for next year. Tubby is actually coaching some decent basketball and help is coming from a top 20 recruiting class. The Gopher fan base is actually excited about the basketball being played at Williams arena. Instead of this weekend being the beginning of good times for Gopher hoops we need to look at this weekend as the end of the dark times.

And if that doesn’t give you hope just think of this: Brett Favre’s rancid play kept the Packers from the Superbowl. If that doesn’t put a smile on your face, you’re not a Minnesotan

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The Gophers played like crap in both the Hoosier and Spartan games. Had they played well, they would have won both and probably broken into the top 25 this week.

But I do agree that the Gophers are probably a NIT team this year and after the Monson years, I'm somewhat OK with that even with my disappointment over how they played this past week.


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