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Ringing in the New Year with the Bodeans

I saw the Bodeans at the Fine Line New Years Eve which meant I spent my new years with more drunken Wisconsin-born 40 year old women who were pretending to be 30 that you could find this side of Eau Claire.

The deal at the Fine Line was $100 all inclusive which meant free food and open bar. The food wasn't that great but free booze (including call drinks and shots) now that's what I call ringing in the new year!!

We took a bus downtown and my wife staked out an excellent spot right at the stage while I checked our coats. Some sensitive singer-songwriter with long hair and 2 days beard sang some pretty good songs and then we got ready for the Bodeans.

At first I was drinking vodka tonics but I was closer to the bar that served only beer so I switched to Bud (after I had a Jagermeister shot). It took me about two hours to figure out to ask for more than one beer so I didn't have to leave my spot and fight the crowd as often.

The Bodeans were a lot of fun. They played all their fan faves and they put on a pretty good show. I saw the Bodeans at the 7th Street Entry in 1984 with about 50 people and that was a hot, sweaty, rockin show. So being this close some 23 years later gave me a minor mid-life crisis. It was weird to think that 23 years later I was seeing this same band again with them grayer and heavier but just as fun. Don't worry I snapped out of it.

Kudus goes out to a couple that were behind us. Early in the show the guy gave me a beer that I thought he just wanted set on the stage until he needed it. His wife/girlfriend got kinda obnoxious as the show went on (in a good way). I noticed his beer was empty and asked if he wanted his second one. He said it was for me because he knew his woman would act that way. I know it was free but a nice gesture nonetheless.

One other thing I overhead was pretty funny. As I was in the coat check line a rather buxom young lady handed her boyfriend about three other coats to check. The guy kinda complained about the three extra coats but took them. Another guy behind me said, "If my girlfriend was that racked out, I'd hold 10 coats if she wanted me to" Good stuff.

After the show, the wife picked up a Bodeans CD, we easily hailed a cab and got home to start nursing our soon to be coming hangovers

How was your new years?


the wife and i drove to the city and had dinner with my sister in law. threw back a few martinis and a real nice bottle of champagne. weather forecasters really blew it in chitown. called for about 1" of snow and picked up 7.5". it was foggy and snowing on the way into the city and just plain snowing on the way back home. it reminded me of new year's eve in my younger days when i insisted on driving my rear wheel drive AMC javelin to Milwaukee in a heavy snow storm. pretty dumb. watched some dreary tv news year eve shows. the house of blues with collective soul was dreadful!! the NYC pub crawl on "three sheets" was fun though. hey, free have you ever watched "three sheets?" kind of like dave atelle's "insomniac," only with a heck of alot more drinking.

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