Walk Hard - The Dewey Cox Story

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So, I dragged the Misses to Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story. I thought it was funny with some dumb parts, she thought it was dumb with some funny parts.

If you've seen Ray, I Walk the Line, The Buddy Holly Story, La Bamba, etc. You know this movie: Young singer from a small town uses his music to get out of town. Soon fame and fortune bring him far away from what he grew up as. Drugs, women, etc are readily available. After the inevitable downfall it's the love of a woman and his family that bring him back up.

It's got all the cliches, except they are spoofs and it's hilarious. When Dewey sings at his first dance, girls are literally ripping their dresses off and the dance soon turns into a melee. Dewey accidently cuts his brother in half with a machete, after which Dewey loses his sense of smell. You get the idea.

Besides music biopic cliches there are hilarious spoofs on Elvis, the Beatles in India, Bob Dylan, and Brian Wilson during his acid-drenched, bearded Pet Sound and Smile days. In the end Dewey is sampled by some gangsta rappers and is re-descovered. At his lifetime achievement award banquet, Jewel, Jackson Browne, and Lyle Lovett sing his famous song Walk Hard and Eddie Veddar gives a speech. (The real singers btw).

The movie ends as a 71 year old Dewey sings a new song that sums up as entire life as his life passes by on the screen. I was literally in tears. When Dewey hits that final high note and the camera switches back and forth between modern day Dewey and 50's Dewey, while I was blubbering.

Jenna Fischer from The Office is great in this movie, she just lights up the screen. You forget how hot she is when she is in The Office.

Anyway a funny movie, probably not Oscar caliber but definitely a rental when it comes out soon on DVD.

Any one else see Walk Hard? What did you think?

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Honestly, its now one of my favorite movies.
Some of my best friends work at a theater, so i get free movies, and I've seriously seen it at least 8 times


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