Winter Kite Fest


Living in Minnesota you have to embrace Winter or go insane. Now how you embrace Winter can range from curling up with a book and blanket to going ice fishing. I tend to settle toward the former but have been known to participate in the latter as well.


This weekend I participated in our Neighborhood's annual Winter Kite Festival. Yes that's right we flew kites on a frozen-over lake. The weather cooperated to the hilt (25 degrees and sunny) and there were tons of people out.


Besides kites there was ice fishing, hay rides, treasure hunts, marshmallows over fires, and a ton of neighbors. It really was a lot of fun. There wasn't a whole lot of wind but enough to get some kites up in the air.


Now I'm not going to argue that Minnesotans are somehow tougher because we do stuff in freezing weather. Actually I think it's more of a coping mechanism. During these cold months those four walls can close in pretty tight. Throw in too many gray days with a few hours of sunshine and no wonder we dispose of our enemies via the woodchipper.

How do you cope with Winter?


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