Academy Award Thoughts

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I was quite happy that Diablo Cody won for best screenplay. Michael Clayton was good but Juno was great. It was all screenplay. Plus not too many times you see an Academy Award winner with a smoking tattoo. Finally I thought her opening line "What is happening?" was about as honest a statement that was stated all night.

Those three nominated songs from Enchanted were just wretched. I would have barfed if one of those won. I am very happy that Falling Slowly won. The way that song was presented and filmed in Once is very well done. You just see Glen Hansard’s soul opening up as they play that song. One of the great movie scenes from the past year.

No surprise about Daniel Day Lewis. Although I thought his role was just Bill the Butcher moved forward in time 50 years. The last two minutes of that movie were such a buzz kill although “I drink your milkshake? is a line that will life in infamy.

I haven’t seen No Country for Old Men because I’m not sure I want to deal with all that violence plus I heard it’s another movie with a non-ending. It sounds like the Coen’s were deserving of their awards and Ethan Coen's acceptance "speeches" were just hilarious.

That French woman who won for Best Actress was absolutely stunning. Tilda Swinton was very funny and that red hair was just shocking. Not sure if there was anything else that really stood out.

What did you think of the Oscars?

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Wilma Flintstone called - she wants her dress back!


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