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O.k. I’m back off the ledge… I’ve recalibrated my meds…. I’m in the acceptance stage of Johan Santana’s leaving the Twins for the Mets. I don’t mind trading Santana: He was going to be too expensive for the Twins and he wanted the big stage. But 4 minor leaguers!!?? And not Martinez?!! Two, maybe three of these guys have to be solid contributing players in the next couple of years for the Twins to consider this trade a success. Makes me pine for 2010 and a new stadium even more. These next two years may be grim in the HHH Metrodome.

Well there I feel better already. Here’s this week’s top 10:

1. We’re Desperate - X (no this isn’t about the Twins, although it could be)
2. Stacy’s Mom – Fountains of Wayne
3. Oh Very Young – Cat Stevens (See number 1 above)
4. Powerline (live) – Husker Du
5. Hot Dog (Watch Me Eat) – The Detroit Cobras
6. My Love is a Flower – Jonathan Richman
7. Chemistry Set – Suburbs
8. Bird on a Wire – Leonard Cohen
9. Barely Legal – The Strokes
10. Altar Boy – Tom Waits

Fun list, maybe I could be a DJ for The Current. What’s your top ten?

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I feel that elected officials need to do more things like this for the people.


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