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I just love how Cindy McCain has called her husband"a man of great character." She then went on to say that she and their children "know he would never have done anything to disappoint not only our family but ... our country." Funny coming from the woman with whom John McCain was having an affair with that basically broke up his first marriage.

Here's the Top 10:

1. How to Disappear Completely - Radiohead
2. When I Come Around - Green Day
3. You're a Soldier - Husker Du
4. Run On - Elvis Presley
5. Aspiration - Yung Wu
6. Wild Cats of Kilkenny - The Pogues
7. You Don't Know My Mind - Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
8. Just Like Anyone - Soul Asylum
9. Down My Block - Trip Shakespeare
10. Marching Bands of Manhatten - Death Cab for Cutie

I like this list. Just think if you were in your car this block of 10 songs came on the radio? Nice. What's your top 10?


Sorry I've been bad at making it around the internets of late. But here's what's random this week. And I hope the greatness of the BTS cut makes up for the utter suckiness of that Tommy Page.

Patty Loveless "Sounds of Loneliness" Songcatcher
Buena Vista Social Club "Orgullecida" Buena Vista Social Club
Brian Eno "Ali Click" (Darkly Mad Mix) Ali Click ep
Sleater-Kinney "Funeral Song" One Beat
Tommy Page "I'll Be Your Everything" Just Say Sire: The Sire Records Story
Pavement "Grounded" Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain: L.A.'s Desert Origins
Lloyd Cole & the Commotions "From the Hip" 1984-1989
Built to Spill "Car" There's Nothing Wrong with Love
Gumball "Butterfly Potion" Wisconsin Hayride
My Morning Jacket "Anytime" Z

The Clash "Ghetto Defendant" Clash on Broadway

I feel that elected officials need to do more things like this for the people.

Wow post thanks! We feel your articles are wonderful and want much more soon. We really like anything to do with word games/word play.


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