U2 is Everywhere

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Last week I posted a review of the U2-3D movie which I thought was really cool. I didn't mention that I went to the movie with Shane of Greet Machine and after the movie we heard the song Zooropa on The Current.

This past weekend I went to the movie again with the family. We all thought it was a blast. Also on Cities 97 on the way home we heard One Tree Hill by U2. Shane ended up going to the movie again on Sunday with his family and he tells me he heard Pride (In the Name of Love) by U2 on the radio on his way home.

Now I think that is pretty freaky. I see three possibilities:

U2 is so radio-friendly that you are bound to hear them on at least one radio station in any 30-minute period. We could have been going to see Meet the Spartans three different times and would have heard a U2 song on the way home.

Radio stations know when the movie lets out and purposefully program a U2 song 10-30 minutes after the show to cement a bond between the movie goer and the radio station.

Movie goers are so full of the Holy Bono Spirit that the psycho-spitural energy generated causes radio DJ's to unthinkingly program a U2 song.

What's your theory?

1 Comment

My theory? Cheesehead Craig was requesting U2 just to mess with you.


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