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U2 in 3D!!!


I was lucky enough to have the good folks at reviellemag.com provide for me a ticket to the new U2 Concert movie. It’s playing at the I-MAX theater at the Minnesota Zoo and has the added feature of being in 3D. In one word it was dazzling.

The music of course was great. The movie was filmed during U2’s Vertigo tour and was taken during their stretch in South America. Although the tour was in support of the How to Build an Atomic Bomb album, the movie showcased U2’s hits and only included a few songs from HTBAAB. (See Song list below) The I-MAX sound system was great although I wish it was even louder to get more of the concert feel.

The 3D effects really added to the film. Fortunately there were no spears or other objects thrown at the audience to get them to duck. The best way I could describe it is that the 3D effects gave “volume? to what you saw. Many times it seemed like the viewer was on stage standing next to Bono or The Edge. During the song Where the Streets Have No Name, the 3D effects made the audience appear to pulsate on screen. During Sunday Bloody Sunday when Bono is singing “wipe your tears away? he is walking toward the camera (also the viewer) with an outstretched hand, ready to wipe your tears. It was amazing. It was by far the coolest concert film experience I’ve ever had.

A lot has been written about U2 and the religious basis of their music, something they’ve downplayed over the past 10-15 years. But during some of their more “inspirational? songs I truly felt that this band was just oozing the Holy Spirit. It’s hard to explain but watching U2 perform really feels like a religious experience. During the song With or Without You there were shots of the audience facing the stage with outstretched arms as if they were receiving some sort of personal salvation. The Billy Graham himself probably hasn't saved as many souls in one sitting as Bono did in Argentina.

Anyway a great film and I would encourage all to pay the I-MAX premium to see it. I might take the whole family before it leaves on February 10th.

Song List
1. "Vertigo"
2. "Beautiful Day"
3. "New Year's Day"
4. "Sometimes You Can't Make It on Your Own"
5. "Love and Peace or Else"
6. "Sunday Bloody Sunday"
7. "Bullet the Blue Sky"
8. "Miss Sarajevo" / Reading of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
9. "Pride (In the Name of Love)"
10. "Where the Streets Have No Name"
11. "One"
12. "The Fly"
13. "With or Without You"
14. "Yahweh

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