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Given that we’re currently amidst the “Winter the Wouldn’t Leave? and that the Twins had such a lousy off-season, it only makes sense that it is snowing on the opening day of the 2008 baseball season. Not only is it snowing, but we are expected to get 6-8 inches of snow! Today it’s just hard to get all misty-eyed about the beginning of baseball season representing rebirth when you can’t see 20 feet out your window because of the snow so I will spare you the sentiment.

Here are my thoughts on the Twins and baseball as we begin another season:

I think the Twins are on a 75-78 win season. About a month ago I wrote the following haiku regarding the 2008 Twins:

Michael Cuddyer.
Justin Morneau. Joe Mauer.
Delmon Young. Then what?

Those four batters should have a great season but there is no one else, maybe Go Go surprises in Centerfield but other than that a lot of questions at the plate and in the field. Couple with a pitching staff that will be mediocre at best, and we are looking at a sub-.500 season. Future may look bright, but not this year.

I don’t believe in the Tigers, the Cabera and Willis additions nonetheless. I think the Indians take the Central walking away. Red Sox and Angels also will crush in the East and West. Cubs and Brewers should battle in the NL Central, Mets in East, can Rockies catch fire again in the West?

Also I think Torii Hunter will have a monster season. Much like David Ortiz when he went to Boston, Hunter will see a lot of juicy pitches now that he is surrounded by a number of good bats (I’m looking at you Vlad). The Angels may hate that contract they gave Torii in years 4 and 5, but they are going to love what Hunter brings in these first couple of years.

Finally I can’t leave with out mentioning that the ballpark skeptics will be using today’s snow to say the Twins were foolish for not insisting and/or paying for a retractable roof but my mind remains unchanged on the need for a roof. First a roof would cost $125 million not including inevitable cost overruns. Second a roof would never have fit on the current ballpark site. 3rd in the future, Twins can start season on road if need be. Finally I would always be concerned that the Twins would get Miller Park disease and insist on closing the roof at any hint of weather below 60 degrees. Also Indians lost a few games to snow last year, didn't seem to hurt them on the field or at the gate. It's a non-issue for 95 percent of the games the Twins will play and $125-$150 million is not worth dealing with that other 5 percent.

What are your thoughts on the 2008 baseball season?


I'm sad that I didn't get my Flex 40 vouchers in time to use one for the opener, but happy that I was able to get a seat outside the Home Run Porch, so my streak of attending openers will continue. Go Twins!!!

Free - I promise that I did not read this before I wrote my last post on my blog. We have quite a bit "of the same" to say.

Jeff T.

Jeff T., You made some good additional points in your blog. Don't worry, all new ballpark supporters are getting harassed today. No big deal. The Yankees canceled the last home opener at Yankee Stadium this afternoon. I think they'll survive.

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I'm so happy to read this. This is the kind of manual that needs to be given and not the random misinformation that is at the other blogs. Appreciate your sharing this greatest doc.


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