Friday Random Top 10


Instead of clapping, people start blogging at the end of each song - Michael Stipe at SxSW.

Here's your Top 10

1. 23 Beats Off - Fugazi
2. Bouncing with Bud - The Amazing Bud Powell
3. Sun of a Gun - Nirvana
4. Freddie the Freeloader - Miles Davis
5. Shore Leave - Yung Wu
6. Divorce Song - Liz Phair
7. Atlantis to Interzone - Klaxons
8. Generals and Majors - XTC
9. Perfect Circle - R.E.M.
10. Fatman - G. Love and Special Sauce

After starting off with an epic punk v. jazz battle, the list settles into a cozy alternative music vibe. Bring on Friday! What's your top 10?


I love G. Love & Special Sauce. I saw them here in Des Moines about 8 months ago or so.

I love that first G Love album. I haven't listened to much he's released since but I'm glad that G. Love is still out there making music. He was just in the twin towns a few days ago.


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