I was at Snail Lake Regional Park Today from 7:45a to 11:00a with no luck! Today's clue obviously refers to a tunnel and there is a tunnel at Snail lake right at Gramsie Rd. Also the clue says you will be on the right route, which I took to mean if the trail forks, take the right fork.

I am still assuming that the Ticket is under a stone. In fact since the clue says look under every stone, I am assuming it is not at a solitary stone. A lot of people must agree because every rock within a 500 yard radius of that tunnel was overturned.

As of 11:30 the Strib wasn't announcing a winner so it may still be out there. Unless I am missing something completely only dumb luck will find it without another clue. I might have to be back at the crack of dawn on Saturday, although I expect the park will be looked over pretty closely this afternoon.

Any other ideas, use the comments.

Saturday Morning UPDATE:
Last clue says the ticket is under a giant tree "cloaked like Chicago" Cloaked means dressed or hidden. Could it mean White Socks? A giant tree with a white base? It is 7:00a Saturday morning I'm debating whether to go or not. It's kinda cold and it's about a 20 minute drive.


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