For supporters of Barack Obama, last night was suppose to be the night. When finally it became inevitable and Hilary Clinton would have to throw in the towel. After winning Texas, Ohio, and Rhode Island, obviously she’s in for the long haul, alas.

Technically it looks like HRC is only going to net about 10 delegates meaning that Obama has a 100 plus delegate lead with a number of upcoming states also looking good. But this take glosses over the fact that momentum counts in politics. One can legitimately ask can Obama close the deal? Will it get too negative? Will reporters get to go to more ass kissing bbq’s with John McCain?

While I think Hilary Clinton would be a much better president than John McCain and I have to admit that she can be quite charming and funny when she wants to be, I’d still rather see Obama as president. I just feel like there’s too much baggage associated with the Clintons and that she has surrounded herself with too many insiders who are dependent upon the wretched status quo of the D.C. muck. I don’t want a Democratic version of George W. Bush, Clinton hasn’t convinced me that she would be a different kind of president.

Anyway looks like we have 7 more weeks to figure it out. In some respects its good, we will get too know our candidates and building up a democratic organization is a good thing. Let’s just hope the D’s don’t snatch defeat from the jaws of victory come this November.

One interesting note from the Texas Primary: More people voted in the Texas primary on Tuesday than voted for John Kerry in 2004. That bodes well for November, regardless of the candidate.


4 years of Bush Sr.

Then 8 years of Clinton.

Then 8 years of Bush Jr.

That is 20 years of a Clinton or Bush in the White House.

I am ready for a change. Obama '08!

Don't forget the epic Chelsea Clinton V. Jenna Bush presidential contests yet to come!!!

I don't understand why folks get so caught up in "first woman President" or "first Black President" - why not just support Cynthia McKinney and get both? :-)


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