It's Raining McCain


I just had to share this. It is absolutely incredible. I think this is what Republicans think of as hip.

As for the past weekend, 12 of my Sweet 16 teams made it and besides Georgetown going to the Final Four, I think I'm in good shape. I'm tied for first in one bracket don't know the standings yet in another.

Gophers women BBers ran into a team that was just too athletic. Gopher wrestlers gave up their national champ crown, Gopher pucksters rode Alex Kangas to a 3 seed in the NCAA's and today word is that the Go Go Gomez era has just begun for the Twins. More on the last two items later this week.


I can't figure out if that McCain thing is real or satire.

If it's real, I am very disturbed.

Hey Jeff, your comment was the 500th at this blog. A very minor milestone, but one nonetheless. Here's the uthink comment roster:

I think the video is real, it was done by a group called the McCain Sisters. I think they are real John McCain supporters. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

Why isn't Shane's blog listed in that UThink roster?

Free - I am honored that my comment was the 500th on your blog! there some sort of prize? Like I get to meet the McCain sisters? On second thought, no thanks.

oh my lord, alonzo. i'm speechless. i think that i threw up in my mouth a bit. i thought that republican women were hot, blonde chicks...well like mccain's wife. or, is she just a clone. must have a good plastic surgeon.

HAHAHA It's more than obvious to anyone who's any type of decent judge of character, that the women in this video are democrats.

But seriously, what does it matter? How far you've tilted and how biased you've become is shown in your postings, and the progression is obvious.

It's all a bunch of drivel. Just like a right leaning site slandering 'democrats' or 'leftists' and implying they ALL believe this and they ALL do that, would be.

Your site is crap and your opinions don't matter.

Only a supremely biased individual could believe otherwise in such a wholehearted manner.


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