Twins Golden Ticket - UPDATE 1


The Twins Golden Ticket contest is in full swing again this year and I’d like to use this blog to try to figure out where it is. The Twins Golden Ticket is a treasure hunt contest where the winner gets Twins season tickets, jerseys, a free vacation, etc. Three years ago I was literally in the same park as the ticket but couldn’t find it before I had to go to another engagement. It was found a mere hours after I left. Below are the clues with some discussion, use the comments to speculate..

Sunday’s Clue: The Ticket rests a ways away from our covered home in a place of open space where squirrels and rabbits roam.

Obviously the ticket is in a public park, do squirrels and rabbits mean anything?

Monday’s Clue: When you watch our boys play, hustling you’ll see, however you’ll want to ignore Mr. Greely’s plea.

Greeley said go west young man. Ticket is east of the Dome. Play and hustling are other interesting words here. Could this refer to athletic fields?

Tuesday’s Clue: Strain your neck, look up and stare, for shades of the Twins in the air.

Up in the air, Shades of the twins. This one has me baffled. Where ever the ticket is, you can see shades of Twins in the air

Wednesday’s Clue: You’re getting warmer, it’s time to go on foot. Turn over every stone to find out where it’s put.

Thursday's Clue: Only those who move at a snail's pace, will be the ones to win the race.

O.k. we are getting somewhere. There is a Snail Lake Regional Park in Vadnais Heights. Problem is I can't get there until Friday morning. If you get there remember to look for "shade of the twins" and apparently it's under a rock.

Any other ideas? again use the comments section, I’ll also update any thoughts I have in comments section. I will definitely share winnings with anyone who helps out finding the ticket.


watch our boys play... could it be a park next to a theatre?

shades of twins in the air... minnesota colors= red, white and blue... a large american flag...possibly a memorial park of some sort?

Your getting warmer... time to go on foot... South of the park, is there a footpath with stone borders?

I live 2 hours away, and know nothing of the cities, just trying to help with the clues.

look up and stare... shades of twins in the air... could also be an observatory? shades of Twins could refer to a constellation.

Thanks Zoomx, good thoughts. I was at first thinking the new Guthrie and the Mills ruins park, but that is more north of the dome, not east (same with Stone Arch Park).

Say will SCSU finally win a NCAA tournament game? they have a decent chance against Clarkson.

Could the clue of rabbits and squirrels be a reference to a zoo? Como? It is east of the dome, right?

you know... all things point to a Huskies win, and that is what scares me. I almost prefer us as underdogs.

My hope is Motzko can shake the Craig Dahl monkey off of our collective backs and have this talented team make a run.

As you know, no silly bets this year!

I don't know much of anything about the layout of the Twin Cities. But isn't St. Paul east of Minneapolis? Maybe the Horace Greely reference means look in St. Paul?

I like this idea, but the clues always make me feel so uncreative.

I think the squirrels and rabbits, but NO GOPHERS, is leading you away from the University.

Or maybe toward the U, if the implication is that Gophers would also be there.

The University of MN campus is directly east of the dome. Not sure if I am convinced it is here, however.

Unless we are missing something. The clues still haven't told us exactly where this park is. Once we get to that park, we have some idea on where to look. Unless that "shades of the twins" clue is some sort of marker.

Are there any twin structures in St. Paul?

I'd look under a pair of trees.

Actually, the way I read the clues is that once at the regional park, look for some sort of Twin something or other in the air (maybe Zoomx' idea about a US flag would work here). That gives you the direction to head in. Then head down a path in that direction, looking under rocks and stones.

There is a Twin Lake just south of Snail Lake Regional Park. I've linked to the Google Map on my name. I'd say start there.

Actually I don't think the Twin Lake is right but I am positive I have the twin reference figured out. I am so positive that I am going there over lunch, I'm giving myself 30 minutes of search time.

I'll report back after 1:00p

O.k. I am back but no luck. I am convinced however that the Golden Ticket is at Snail Lake Regional Park.

It was tough to leave but I really wasn't dressed properly and I had to get back to work. Also while someone may stumble upon the Ticket, I don't think the clues yet point to the exact spot.

I'm going on the clue that it is under a stone. So I looked stones. Hopefully tomorrow's clue will help narrow the search. I'll be there by 8:00a if anyone is interested.

Leave comments if you have any other ideas.

perhaps I am over-thinking but turn over every stone may refer to the Euripides quote "leave not stone unturned" So, I keep coming back to the clue "play" as Euripides was a very popular Greek Playwrite.

Here is a web address for a panoramic view of the area in question

I see the towers. Where do you park at this park? I think you head south of the parking lot "getting warmer, it's time to go on foot" Is there a path just south of the parking lot?

Actually I think that is a panorama from Snail Lake Community Center. Snail Lake Regional Park is a little further north. The address is 4200 Snail Lake Boulevard.

There is a parking lot on the west end with a number of trails. Like I said I was close but with work clothes and limited time, no luck. Here's hoping no one finds it today.

Maybe by shades of twins it means a red white and blue tent?

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