Another Bridge Closed



Further evidence of Republican dis-investment in the State came to light today as Hennepin Co. announced that the Lowry Avenue Bridge will be closed (the 2nd bridge in a month over the Mississippi River). I guess we should take comfort in the fact that the State is closing bridges before we get this again:


If the I-35 bridge wasn't proof enough, clearly the lack of $$$ for transportation improvements is coming home to roost. I think we should have Governor Pawlenty, former Legislator Phil Krinkie, and members of the Taxpayers League drive over the Highway 61 bridge in Hastings every day as punishment.


As someone who lives near this bridge, I can tell you it totally sucks for it to be closed, though I agree I'd rather it be closed than fall in the river.

Hey Free - greetings from Scotland, where the old stone bridges appear to be in good shape. But I don't know if I'd drive a heavy truck over a few of them!

What is the latest on the Central Corridor fiasco? While on vacation, I haven't had much of a chance to keep up on Pawlenty's line-item veto. Is this thing dead? I was looking forward to riding the Central Corridor line to the new ballpark in a few years...

Jeff T.

Jeff T. Thanks for checking from Scotland. Checking out any cool bands? Teenage Fan Club is from Scotland I think. Does everywhere play that Big Country song?

Central Corridor is definitely on life support, although it may come back at the end of the session, enough St. Paulite were pissed that they may try to revive it. Here at the U we are trying desperately to move the line to the northern alignment or get it off Washington Avenue.

Minnesota: Why make a decision when you can talk about it!

Are you allowed to share your personal opinion on whether Central Corridor runs along that "northern alignment" or stays on Washington?

Sure, ideally the Central Corridor LRT should go along Washington Avenue in a tunnel. That way it can serve the heart of the University and hospitals and is the most direct route. Not in a tunnel is a transportation nightmare. Stadium village has pedestrian and traffic counts that rival the busiest downtown intersections. Now put LRT on that with buses, cars, bikes, and college kids who don't always obey street signs? Yikes. The alternative is to make Washington Ave from the Bridge to University no cars or buses. This would have a huge negative impact on the areas around the U as those cars and buses have to go somewhere.

The northern alignment isn't ideal as it skirts around the back side of the U (although there might be a Donhowe stop!). But at least it isn't the traffic disaster of having LRT at grade on Washington Avenue.

We are making a 100 year decision here. You'd hope the deciders would make one that makes sense for 100 years. I won't hold my breath.

OK - two questions:

1. why do you still have buses on Washington Ave if there's LRT? I've never exactly understood that.

2. I know college kids can be stupid, but is the pedestrian issue going to be that much worse than how Hiawatha runs along 5th Street downtown? If I recall correctly, none of our pedestrian vs. LRT casualties since Hiawatha started have actually been downtown, they've been further south on Hiawatha where there's less congestion, which perhaps leads to less awareness?

Besides, at least Washington Ave. has a couple pedestrian bridges in place around the Mall area.

Although, personally, the northern alignment would suit me better since I could take the #4 bus down to 10th Street and then walk over to a station located near University and 35W, assuming one was placed there.


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