Frack' ya! BSG Rocks!

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Tell someone you’re into Battlestar Gallactica and you get one of three responses:

1. Geez, what a geek!
2. Cool, I loved that show in the 70’s!
3. A knowing nod and then a 20-minute discussion on the nature of the Cylon’s.

If you’re in the second group, I am sorry but we’re not talking about the cheesy 70’s show starring Lorne Green that tried to piggy back on all things Star Wars. We talking about the current series on the Sci-Fi channel that is smart, sexy, with plenty of whiz-bang for geeks and heady philosophy for… I guess geeks.

As with any good sci-fi, BSG works because it’s more than just a bunch a guys flying around space fighting robots. When I told my son that it’s about humans who created a race of robots that turned around and tried to eliminate mankind he said “oh that’s original.? But it is original. Even though they all but wiped out mankind, the Cylons are by no means evil in a black and white sense and many times as compared to the humans, they are down right sympathetic.

The robots are monotheists who believe in a God quite similar to our own and the humans are Greek and Roman-like polytheists. There is a lot of religious back and forth between the two races. Think of the Cylons as religious fundamentalists, worshiping a definitely Old Testament God. In addition, Season 3 had many parallels to this Country’s situation in Iraq with again the Cylon’s playing the part of the Americans and humans the suicide-bombing insurgents. Don’t get me wrong, not all humans are bad and not all Cylons are well-intentioned, they are all multi-faceted. Oh and some of the Cylons are in humanoid form so you (and them) don't necessarily know they are/were Cylons.

Season 4, which started last week, is promised to be the last season and we are told that all the story lines will be wrapped-up. Unlike say The X Files where the mythological back story got so convoluted that the writers could never tie up the loose ends, BSG’s mythology is relatively simple: The Gods that the humans worship have been scattered from an Eden called “Earth? and the humans are desperately trying to find it before they are destroyed by the Cylons. So yes, the BSG humans are our ancestors. Of course that’s a gross simiplification, but it will do for now.

So anyway if you like sci-fi or just plain good story-telling with that makes you think a little bit, BSG might be for you. Plus you have lots of eye candy to look at regardless if you fancy the guys or gals. Finally any tv show that can introduce a new swear word – frack – and use it just like you think it should be used, is ok in my book.

Anyone else watch BSG? What do you think?

Here’s a link to Entertainment Weekly’s all things BSG, Be sure to check out the 15 things you have to know about BSG. That will get you caught up real fast.

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