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Wow, 40 years since MLK assassination. You wonder whether MLK would be thrilled or disappointed that it’s taken until 2008 to have credible black candidate for President. It’s hard to say, I don’t think anyone ever asked him the question.

Battlestar Gallactica final season starts to tonight, more next week on that momentous occasion.

R.E.M. has a new album out, which actually sounds good. I might have to check it out.

Finally after a long, long winter I played catch for the first time yesterday. After about 20 throws, my arm actually felt pretty good. Couldn’t get my sinker working yet, need more work.

Justin Morneau, umm, now that the Canucks have been eliminated from the NHL playoffs, maybe you could start thinking about getting a hit or two. Just sayin.

After a two week hiatus due to I-Pod troubles, I am back with a random top 10.

1. Johnny Strikes Up the Band – Warren Zevon
2. Flamenco Sketches – Miles Davis
3. Midnight Blues – Detroit Cobras
4. Restless Summer – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
5. Fat Bottomed Girls – Queen
6. Eat to the Beat – Blondie
7. Wrecking Now – Guided by Voices
8. People Have the Power – Patti Smith
9. Sugar Mountain – Neil Young
10. Anthrax - Gang of Four

I’m really embarrassed by that Queen song. Otherwise looks like I had kind of a rockin’ 70’s vibe going with that list (even if some of the songs were recorded much later).

What’s your top 10?


The Beatnigs "Jazzy Beats" The Beatnigs
Rhett Miller "The Believer" The Believer
XTC "Chalkhills and Children" Oranges & Lemons
Ani DiFranco "Shameless" Dilate
Glenn Gould "Allego molto from Sonata No 13 in E-flat major, Op. 27, No. 1" Thirty-Two Short Films about Glenn Gould
Camera Obscura "Come Back Margaret" Let's Get Out of This Country
Glenn Gould "Well Tempered Clavier, Book II, BWV 883 Fugue in F sharp minor" Partita Nos. 5 and 6
Pavement "Starlings in the Slipstream" Brighten the Corners
Van Morrison & the Chieftains "She Moved Through the Fair" Irish Heartbeat
Guster "Ruby Falls" Ganging Up on the Sun


Tom Verlaine "Shingaling" Songs and Other Things

Hey, did you get the recent solo CD by Glenn Mercer? I just ordered it. Hope it's good.

Re: Glen Mercer. I haven't heard it yet. This is the second Feelies note someone has run by me in the past 2 days. Apparently there is a rumor that the Feelies are going to reunite and open for Sonic Youth on July 4th at Central Park.

Baby Boomers have Led Zep tour hopes, early- mid-40's guys have Feelies tour hopes.

I'm also hoping for that Pavement reunion, since I never got to see them live.

And an Archers of Loaf reunion wouldn't hurt, either, although Eric Bachmann is terrific solo, too.

Aaron McGruder did an episode of "The Boondocks" where he imagined what would have happened if MLK had survived his shooting but went into a coma and woke up today. It's pretty hilarious!

Free - Amen to your note on Justin Morneau. My God, the ball must look like a pea to Morneau right now....

Guess somebody must have tuned Morneau in to LFAD since his bat sure woke up today!

I think it's because Morneau wasn't staying up late watching the Canucks lose (again).

Awsome website! I am loving it!! Will be back later to read some more. I am taking your feeds also


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