Friday Random Top 10


Replacements first four albums remastered plus 20 unreleased demos and outtakes coming out Tuesday. Are you buying them or not? I’m on the fence. Here is this week’s Top 10:

1. UFO – Dudley and the Doo-Rytes
2. Blood & Roses – The Smithereens
3. Sand in my Joints – Wire
4. And your Bird Can Sing – The Beatles
5. Senses Working Overtime – XTC
6. Why Can’t I Be You? – The Cure
7. My Name is Jonas – Weezer
8. Skyway – The Replacements
9. House of Cards – Radiohead
10. Nobody’s Lonesome for Me – Hank Williams

Nice list again. That XTC song is one of my faves and would be one that I would put on my early 1980’s life soundtrack. Apparently John Lennon hated Bird Can Sing, but I think it’s a great song. Then again, what do I know?

What’s your Top 10?


Richard Thompson "That's All, Amen, Close the Door" Mock Tudor
David Byrne "Big Blue Plymouth (Eyes Wide Open)" The Complete Score from "The Catherine Wheel"
Thurston Moore "Ono Soul" Son of Swag
Ryuichi Sakamoto "Neo Geo" Neo Geo
Lucinda Williams "Blue" Essence
Preston School of Industry "Tone It Down (Pablo Wrong Remix)" Matador at Fifteen
Nerf Herder "You're Gonna Be the One Who's Sorry" Nerf Herder
The Folk Implosion "Wet Stuff" Kids sdtrk
Shawn Colvin "Steady On" Steady On
Daniel Johnston "Despair Came
Knocking" Continued Story/Hi, How Are You (The Unfinished Album)

Roger Miller "Manic Depression" The Big Industry

I hit 100% of notes on "My Name is Jonas" playing Guitar Hero. But, it was only on medium. I can't play with the orange button. Between a pinky that's been busted a few too many times and the fact I'm poorly coordinated, I'm limited to 4 buttons.

Nice, I rock Guitar Hero on Easy but just don't have enough time to master Medium. The kids of course are already on Hard and Expert.

Guitar Hero has introduced the kids to some cool songs, but also some dreck as well. I thought I would never have to hear songs like Cherry Pie or Slow Ride again. Thanks to GH, they are on the kid's I-Pods.

My friend mentioned to me your site, so I thought I’d come have a read. Very interesting reading, will be back for more!


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