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Mekons, Greil Marcus, and Mary Lucia


Last Friday I went to the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul to attend The Current's Fakebook session with author Greil Marcus and the historic band Mekons. Although it was a Friday night and the Wild were playing at the X, I still was able to get a free on-street parking spot about a block from the Fitz, which in a nutshell describes St. Paul.

Peter Scholtes at the City Pages has a review of the event here which is pretty damn good so I won't repeat but he says (also check out the cool pics by Daniel Corrigan). Mary Lucia also has a comment at the end of the post, which adds some nice background.

Here are some additional thoughts:

I was taken in by the age of the audience. At 45, I was probably on the young side of the median age which surprised me. Were these oldsters here for Greil Marcus? patrons of the Fitz? Mekons fans? If 50 is the age cohort for the Current, they might be in trouble.

Mary Lucia is a gas. The Scholtes post has a couple of good pics of her. She has a rapier wit, even making (slight) fun of GM's glasses in her introduction. She also changed her boots between interviews going from cowboy boots to knee-high black boots. Nice touch.

Griel Marcus can be maddening. Sometimes his books blow me away, as he can be a fantastic writer. Othertimes he is so oblique it feels as though he's taking a jackhammer to make his point. These traits were on exhibit Friday night.

Finally the Mekons were oh so cool. They truly are a treasure. Sally Timms voice is angelic and she has the dry British wit down to a T. Jon Langford is a hoot and the spiritual leader of the band. I wished they had played Memphis, Egypt but other than that no complaints.

All and all a very enjoyable evening.


I'm not going to say I hate you...I'm not going to say I hate you...

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