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The Feelies - Back Together!!?


Did you feel that? A slight tremor in the space-time continuum was experienced over the last few days as thousands of 40-something former music hipsters heard the news that the original line-up of The Feelies were going to play once again. This being 2008, the announcement came on the Feelies’ MySpace page:

The Feelies, the legendary and influential rock band, will reunite to perform at Battery Park in NYC on July 4th, opening for Sonic Youth. The classic Feelies lineup of Glenn Mercer, Bill Million, Dave Weckerman, Brenda Sauter, and Stanley Demeski will perform their first show since 1991. Formed in Haledon NJ in 1976, The Feelies released 4 albums- including their critically acclaimed and influential debut Crazy Rhythms, which was voted 49 in the top 100 albums of the 1980s by Rolling Stone magazine and chosen by Spin Magazine as 49 of the best alternative records of all time.

This weekend guys all over the country were asking the wife: “Honey, how about NYC for 4th of July? It’s been years since we’ve been to the City and the kids are old enough to really get the City’s vibe. Plus doesn’t your Uncle Carl live on Long Island? We haven’t seen him since the wedding.?

The Feelies were one of those “Indie Bands? that existed long before the term was even invented and had a near cult like following, meaning they didn’t sell a lot of albums. After releasing 4 very cool albums and a couple of off-shoot albums that were near classic (Yung Wu – Shore Leave), they broke up after one of their band members had a nervous breakdown and went to work at Disney World (true story look it up). Now after years of rumors of getting back together, Yung Wu back in the Studio(!) And Glen Mercer releasing a solo album, the Holy Grail – a reunion show – is now official. If there is an actual tour, look for mid-life crisis' and crying in the streets, or at least a bunch of guys seeing if that paisley shirt in the back of the closet still fits. (Of course we all know the wife threw it out long ago).


Hey, how was the trip to KC?

We didn't go. Shane's cat issue and the cold weather (it was warmer here on Sunday than it was in KC) made for a bad time to drive to KC. Maybe later this year.

That's too bad. If you're looking at that weekend series towards the end of September, I'd be interested in that one.

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