Construction Week - I-35 Bridge

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Construction week at LFAD continues as we look at the I-35W bridge that is being rebuilt after collapsing August 1, 2007, killing 13 people.

The $275 million bridge is almost all funded by the feds and is on budget and ahead of schedule. The fact that it will now be done before the Republican National Convention is a coincidence. Really. Well that's what the Governor's office says. The piers are built and the workers are starting to span the river, hopefully later in the summer I'll have more pics of the span. Click on picture to see a larger version.

Here is the east side pier

Here is the west side pier (you can see they are just starting the span)

They are also building the span to ahead of time (photo isn't that great, but go to 7 corners to see this)

Well that's it. Like I said, I may revisit soon once the span is looking more interesting. Next in Construction Week is the new Twins ballpark and a couple of rare photos. Come back to check them out!

1 Comment

I drove by here the other day and after having been about five or ten minutes away from going down with the collapse last August, I have to admit I'm pretty impressed with their progress on the new bridge so far.

Did you notice that it's actually two spans, one in each direction? I was not aware of that until reading about it recently.


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