Construction Week - New Twins Ballpark


We wrap up construction week by taking a look at the new Twins ballpark. The ballpark, slated to open in time for opening day 2010, will cost over $500 million and is being paid for through sales taxes in Hennepin County and by the Pohlad family, owner of the Twins. The Pohlad's are contributing about 1/3 of the price which is about average for these kind of deals.

Just a week ago, I provided some links to good ballpark pics so I won't add a lot here, but I do suggest, if interested, to check out those sites. In fact I will only provide 2 pics but from a vantage point not seen much.

Click on the photo to see a larger pic.

First, the site May 23, 2007

Now the site May 28, 2008.

Shows what $100M and 12 months can do. Can't wait to see what May 2009 and May 2010 bring.



Great pics. Did you take them? (If so, how'd you get up there...?)

Hey Rick, e-mail me at


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