Falcon Attack!


This morning a Perigrine Falcon (UPDATE: Apparently is was a Coopers Hawk) attacked and ate a pigeon in our back yard. Now we live in the City, 1/2 mile from an interstate (also 1/2 mile from a bird sanctuary). Not something you see often. The falcon left nothing but bones and feathers and afterward the Wrens came and used the feathers for their nests. Talk about your circle of life. Check out pic below. Click on photo to get a larger shot.




How 'bout those Twins? Still depressed?

Twins took it to the Tigers. First place on Cinco de Mayo, now if they can hold on to Flag Day!

This is indeed awesome, Free. Nice picture.

very cool and cleaning up those rats with wings. coopers hawks are somewhat nasty birds in that they will hunt back yard bird feeders. i saw one nail a morning dove on my parent's patio. a loud woosh, a cloud of feathers everywhere, and the hawk flying off with the dove clenched in its talons.

sweet! twins fan huh? that's okay, i'm a rockies fan. they're not anything like last season (i'm from co.).

Machmoud thanks for stopping by! I have a friend in Denver who sold me on the Rockies last year, I was riding them all the way to the World Series.

Love your biking stuff, bikeriding in the flat lands is quite the different experience I am guessing.


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