Friday Random Top 10


Here’s a very funny review of the Wii Fit. The reviewer also hooked up a 12-pac of Heineken to the Wii to see how well it would do. Funny stuff. Here’s your Friday Random Top 10…

1. Skinhead Symphony – Special A.K.A.
2. Featherbed – Cannon’s Jug Stompers
3. Billy Hunt – The Jam
4. Tinfoil – The Handsome Family
5. Diane – Trip Shakespeare
6. Trip Through Your Wires – U2
7. Bell Boy – The Who
8. On the Tundra – Guided by Voices
9. If I had the World to Give – Grateful Dead
10. 5:45 – Gang of Four

Begun with some 2nd wave Ska and ended with Gang of Four. All over the map in between. Somehow it works. What’s your Top 10?


They Might Be Giants "32 Footsteps" They Might Be Giants
Ed's Redeeming Qualities "Spider" At the Fish & Game Club
Ani DiFranco "Pulse" Little Plastic Castle
Silvio Rodriguez "Playa Giron" Voices--Hannibal Records
Ed's Redeeming Qualities "Blood Bank Man" It's All Good News
Duke Ellington with Charles Mingus and Max Roach "REM Blues" Money Jungle
John Hiatt "Everybody Went Low" The Tiki Bar Is Open
Fountains of Wayne "Radiation Vibe" Fountains of Wayne
Lester Flatt & the Nashville Grass "Intro--Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms" Bean Blossom Bluegrass Festival
Salif Keita "Sumun" Folon...the past

John Hiatt "Crossing Muddy Waters" Crossing Muddy Waters

Back to the old double stutter. Still, these are two of my favorite John Hiatt's, and "Everybody" runs into "Radiation Vibe" surprisingly well, if not as well as it mixes with Eno's "King's Lead Hat" (do try that segue at home). Otherwise, more miss than hit, even when it pulls up a gem of an album like Money Jungle.

Free - I just read the Wii Fit review you linked to in this post. That is very funny stuff. I had a similar experience that I wrote about on my blog. There are some similarities in our experiences.

My wife ordered Wii Fit and it was delivered on Friday. I was lucky enough, however, to only be pronounced "overweight" rather than "obese." The game made my Wii character rather "puffy."

As I said in my blog post, now I feel like I have a doctor watching me from my TV. And doctors scare me.

Jeff T.

I wonder if they can come out with a Grand Theft Auto Fit. That'd be cool.

Thanks - Enjoyed this article, can I set it up so I get an alert email whenever you publish a new article?

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