Twins Ballpark - One Year Later


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Well it's been two years since the financing for a new Twins Ballpark has been approved and one year since construction started. So where are we at?

First the ballpark is going up like spades and is on schedule and on budget. Rick over at Twins Ballpark 2010 has literally hundreds of photos of the progress and I urge you to check them out if at all interested. It's pretty amazing and you can start to see the outlines of a ballpark.

Steve Berg over at got a tour last week and has only good things to say. I especially liked this quote:

"That's what makes this urban-style ballpark the most urban of its generation. There is no pause, no spatial gap between it and its surroundings."

The main reason I supported a new Twins Ballpark wasn't so much that I was worried the Twins would leave, but more that baseball is suppose to be played outside and that there was literally a renaissance going on all around the country in the construction of urban, human-scaled ballparks. It looked like the Twins and Minnesota were missing out. Now, I am thankful it took so long to agree on a ballpark. Because of that delay we missed out on the post-modern, faux-urbanity that mars places like Comerica Park and construction costs went up so much that we couldn't afford a retractable roof that makes places like Miller Park feel more like an upside-down fez than a ballpark.

Sure, the place isn't done yet and I am sure once it is, we will find something to complain about, (like ticket and food prices I am sure). But right now, it's looking like we will have a special, unique, urban place to watch professional baseball.


After all that transpired to make this happen, I'm consciously trying to avoid complaining about anything. If it's 30 degrees on Opening Day 2010, I'll be sitting there in my winter coat with a big, fat smile on my face. :-)

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