KG...Big Ticket....Champ



K.G. gets his Ring and can finally put to rest the critics like Peter Vescey and Patrick Reusse who have questioned his ability to be a Champion. Even though his antics after the game verged on the obnoxious -- with K.G. performing a free a commercial for Adidas screaming Everything’s Possible!! over and over again -- I am man enough to admit I teared up at the end of Tuesday’s game. One because I think K.G. is one of the greatest players ever, respects the game and himself, and gave his all to crappy Timberwolves teams for 12 years – he earned his ring. But second, because it just showed how screwed up the T-Wolves had been for those 12 years. If the T-wolves brain(?) trust had just managed to surround K.G. with players, there would be championship banners hanging in Target Center, not San Antonio, Detroit, Miami, and Los Angeles these past few years.


Agreed, though after watching him for several years as a Wolves season-ticket holder, I do think his emotions after the game were genuine.

I'm not necessarily sure that we'd have a banner hanging in Target Center, but I have to believe if the Wolves were able to get to the conference finals by surrounding KG with Sprewell and Cassell, then they could have at least made it to the Finals with better talent.

I have some bitterness about this, which probably says more about my personality than anything.

I believe this will be my next blog topic.

I'm not bitter about KG getting a ring, it's just how things work out for Minnesota. The guy is gone for less than a year and - BOOM! - he's got a championship.

As I have stated, I am getting more like Red Foreman on That '70's show every day.

How 'bout those Twins?


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