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Elvis Presley gets a bum rap these days. Mocked as an overweight has-been at the time of his death and propagator of bad 60's movies, Elvis has probably fallen pretty far in pop culture radar these days. As an unapologetic Elvis fan, I wanted wear my allegiance on my sleeve and provide a list of my favorite Elvis Songs. Here you go.

1. That's All Right (Mama) - The first, the greatest. Pop culture changed forever when this song was recorded.
2. Blue Moon Of Kentucky - A shot across the bow of old-timey music. If Elvis could rev up this bluegrass standard, then there was nothing he couldn't do.
3. Trying To Get To You - Talk about obsession.
4. I Want You, I Need You, I Love You - This song reminds me of a couple in a 55 Chev, up on lovers lane.
5. Jailhouse Rock - Elvis' best vocal work, a true rocker
6. One Night - Truly a reach for deliverance, for salvation even.
7. It's Now Or Never - Elvis' first single after returning from the Army. A sign that he was all grown up.
8. Are You Lonesome Tonight - Here's a fantastic write-up of this song.
9. Little Sister - Nice little rockabilly number with cool, cool lyrics.
10. Can't Help Falling In Love - Sentimental value as this was the second song played at our wedding dance.
11. She's Not You - Classic love lost song.
12. In The Ghetto - A little cheesy yes, but pretty good description of late 60's urban travails.
13. Suspicious Minds - A classic, who doesn't love this song
14. Burning Love - Exemplified mid-70's Elvis.
15. Amazing Grace - Great version of this song, with backing gospel choir. This will be played at my funeral.

What's your favorite Elvis song(s)?


Came across this blog post when looking for Elvis photos. I'm a huge Elvis fan and I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post, thank you!

To answer your question, my favourite songs are:

I Want You, I Need You, I Love You (the song my partner sang to me and recorded for when we were apart).

In The Ghetto (the first song I truly knew the words to!)

Suspicious Minds (Elvis is the only one that can sing this properly and each time I hear him sing it - tingles down my spine).

Hey QueenB thanks for stopping by. I heard Suspicious Minds a couple of days ago and was amazed at how much I love that song. It's a perfect pop song in production, writing, and execution.

Favorite Elvis Song
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I truly appreciate this post. I have been looking everywhere for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You've made my day! Thx again


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