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Monday Music List - Baseball Intro Songs

You’re either a batter or pitcher at the Major League level and you’ve just been called to bat/pitch. What’s the next important thing to happen? Go over the scouting report in your mind? Check the dugout for the sign? Touch yourself? While all three are important, first you gotta make sure that your intro song is really cool.

If you’ve been to the ballpark you know that practically every player has an intro song. Some are chosen by the player, some by the stadium P.A. There’s certain criteria of course. They have to be “high energy? and they have to be well known, perhaps somewhat related to your skills. An Elliot Smith or Nick Drake song just wouldn’t do. The song for Mariano Riveria - Enter Sandman - is probably the perfect intro song. Also classic songs are Cannonball by the Breeders, Blitzkrieg Bop by the Ramones, Helter Skelter by the Beatles, Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC and Welcome to the Jungle by GnR. Also they have to start off fast and recognizable as only a few seconds of the song is even played.

With that here are some of the songs that I would like as my intro song:

Rock and Roll – Led Zeppelin. It’s cliché I know, but it’s a classic, everyone would be shaking.
Territorial Pissing – Nirvana. One of the greatest opening ever.
Pump It Up – Elvis Costello. Classic.
Sabatoge – Beasty Boys. Great opening.
Suffarage City – Bowie

All those are pretty standard and recognizable. If I wanted to go a little more obscure, I’d make sure these were also included:

Memphis, Egypt – Mekons
Hey Day – Replacements
Tool Master of Brainerd – Trip Shakespeare
The Wait – Pretenders
Seven Nation Army – White Stripes
Rise Above – Black Flag

What would be your MLB intro song?


I'd want to be a closer, so I could pick "Bodies" by Drowning Pool. :-)

This might be weird, but if I'm a hitter, I'm thinking "We Want the Funk" since it would have me all relaxed when I got up to the plate.

I actually thought about this the last time I was at a Twins game. Personally, mine would have to be a Replacements song. I really like the intro to "I Will Dare." An appropriate one would be "You Lose" from Hootenany. I have to think about this....

Jeff, When Juan Rincon comes up they should play I'm In Trouble by the Mats. Plus Bob's guitar solo opening is so cool.

I did this one time before over at Around the Keg but don't remember what I said.

I like that Mekons call. "Roadrunner" by The Modern Lovers would be cool. "Dance Song '97" by Sleater Kinney would be rousing--great intro. And speaking of that, I had "Regret" by New Order as my ringtone for awhile and that's a pretty cool call-to-arms.

"Sugarcube" Yo La Tengo
"Precision Auto" Superchunk

I almost included Roadrunner. That Sleater Kinney song does have a great intro.

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