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This summer has finally gotten me to think that Hollywood doesn’t make movies for someone my age anymore. I just haven’t been that excited about this year’s slate of Summer Movies. In fact I didn’t see a single movie at a theater from about February to Memorial Day. What’s worse is that few movies coming out are getting me excited. I’ll probably see the new Batman movie out of habit but not because I need to see it. The Love Guru looks absolutely execrable and no way are you going to get me in the theater to see The Incredible Hulk or Hellboy II. Thank God my wife wasn’t a big Sex and the City fan so I wasn’t dragged to that either.

I have seen two movies in the last 2 weeks that were enjoyable but won’t make any top 10 lists. I make no recommendation to get out and see these but if you want to blow a couple of hours on a rainy day, go ahead. With that ringing endorsement, here are my summer movie reviews so far.

Iron Man. This was fun. What I think a lot of comic book movies have missed out on lately is that they should be fun, they don’t have to be so serious (I’m looking at you Dark Night). Iron Man gets it and that’s why it’s selling so many tickets. Tony Stark is a smart ass who is as impressed with his new found powers as we are. The final battle with a larger Iron Man is kind of dumb, but doesn’t detract from a good time at the movies.

Indiana Jones. Not spectacular but in the spirit of the other Indy movies. Couple of nice homage’s to previous movies and a couple of nice set pieces. As typical in these movies an overly long fist fight scene and way to many machine guns that miss their target at point blank range. I didn’t lose any sleep over the fact that we had to wait 19 years for an Indiana Jones movie and I won’t be heartbroken if they don’t make another one. How’s that for a tepid response?

What about it. Any good summer movies out there? Anything you are looking forward to seeing?


Before seeing Horton Hears a Who several weeks ago, I hadn't seen a movie in theaters in many years.

I'm going to be very tempted by Dark Knight, however. And Iron Man is sounding better and better the more people I hear about it from.

Hancock looks good, too. Not necessarily "I can't wait for the DVD" good, but still good.

Sorry for the huge review, but I'm really loving the new Zune, and hope this, as well as the excellent reviews some other people have written, will help you decide if it's the right choice for you.

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