Worried About Gas Prices? Ride Your Bike!!



With gas prices firmly planting its flag above the $4.00 mark for the foreseeable future, everyone is looking at ways to save money on gas. Of course you could buy a Hybrid. Others are thinking the moped route.

Luckily in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area we are also blessed with a pretty extensive bike trail system. In fact Forbes Magazine recently listed Minneapolis as the 9th best City to ride your bike to work, school, places to shop and/or visit. Other reports have shown that Minneapolis ranks behind only Portland with the most bike commuters. Which is crazy considering that four months of the year (Nov-Feb) are downright brutal for bike riding and two additional months (Oct, March) can be pretty tough as well.

I am lucky enough to have a pretty good route to ride my bike to the University and have been riding around 2-3 times a week lately. Of my six mile trip, I would estimate that four are on dedicated (no car) bike routes. Relatively flat, 25 minutes, and only a couple of bike/car conflict points, I usually put something loud on the I-Pod (yesterday the Ramones in the morning, The Cult on the way home) and pedal away. Of course weather and schedule determine when I can ride, but it’s good to know that the opportunity is there.

Of course the environmental and health related benefits go without saying and there’s nothing better than pedaling over I-94 on a Friday afternoon and looking down at hundreds of cars sitting in traffic not moving while I’m enjoying the sun in my face and the Replacements in my ears. So tune up your bike, buy a bike helmet, and check the best route to work. You’ll find getting out of the car even one day a week will not only help your wallet, but it will help your overall well being as well.

What’s your bike route to work?


I live in the Wedge, so I have started biking the Midtown Greenway to Hiawatha and then catching the light rail to my office building in Bloomington. The Greenway is much nice than I expected -- it's actually green! The Freewheel bike shop on the Greenway has been a big help as well.

Midtown Greenway is my route of choice too. That's a picture of it above as well. What a wonderful, way to get cross-town with virtually no worries about cars.

I've yet to figure out a bike route to work. My commute is some 12 miles, so I'd probably have to do some training to get in shape before I could make the switch.

Might still be a better option than the bus, which takes over an hour to make the trip that takes 20-some minutes by car. *sigh*


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