Watchman Trailer


If you saw The Dark Knight this weekend (I did not, maybe in the next couple of days) you saw something that every fanboy has been jonesing for since 1986: A trailer for the movie version of the graphic novel The Watchmen.

The Watchmen is considered the greatest graphic novel (comic book) of all time. Heck even Time Magazine listed it as one of the 100 greatest literary achievements of the 20th Century. So naturally we gotta have a movie version.

The trailer (and a few other things that have been released from the film) portend to good things. Many of the scenes in the trailer are shot-for-shot the same as can be found in the book. The costumes look the same as does the vibe. Now of course these trailers are to get the true fans excited so they aren't going to show deviations from the story just yet.

If you aren't familiar with The Watchmen, be prepared for the hype machine to go into overdrive these next 9 months. I would suggest getting a copy, read it. Put it down for a month or so and then read it again. It is truly an amazing story and could be an incredible movie.


Can you suggest someplace I might find The Watchmen graphic novel?

I used to go to Shinders a lot until that junkie owner of theirs screwed that up for all of us...

Snyder, most bookstores have it. It is still quite popular. Amazon has it for like $13.00. I'd check your local comic book store. Any comic book store worth its salt would have it.


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