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Back and Ready to Blog

I am back from a week in NYC and hope to give more details on my trip in a future post (including a surprise for Shane!). Needless to say we had a great time, the only hassle was the flight to and from. Crowds were huge everywhere we went but the City is looking good. Here are some other items that have been rattling around my brain:

Twins in First Place. O.k. the guy who had the Twins in first on August 3rd can step up and collect their prize. I put it all on the starting pitching as no one thought that Slowey, Perkins, and Blackburn would be this good. We all had hopes for Baker. Lots of road games coming up, I think everyone has bated breath to see if the good play can hold up for another 8 weeks.

Brett Favre. God I love this. Remember when those with rationale minds said Favre was a prima donna, was in it for himself? Now you Cheeseheads know what we're talking about. The guy is willing to destroy his team so that he can continue to stroke his ego. What did you kill all the possum in Kiln already Brett?

The Dark Knight. Saw this last week in NYC and it's as good as advertised. Very dark and intense. Yes Heath Ledger is amazing. Kicks the snot out of Batman Begins. Kinda bummed that Harvey Dent died, he's a good character.

Paul Westerberg - 49:00. Paul Westerberg has a new release out that you can only get via download from Amazon.com. Even though it's called 49:00 it clocks in at about 42 minutes and its his first release in about 4 years. It's one of those self-produced deals where Paul plays all the instruments and it's listed as one track but is actually about 12 tracks. The album is a little rough as songs play on top of each other. It rocks though and one of Westerberg's strongest releases in a long time. Oh it's also only 49 cents, so you can't go wrong.

John McCain's ads. Comparing Obama to Paris and Britany? Comparing him to Neo and Moses? Sure everyone likes a little snark now and them but this from a major presidential candidate? Hey John leave the craptastic to the McCain Girls. Let's hear what you have to offer the country.


Harvey Dent died, but did Two-Face? Most people think he'll be back ...

And oh boy, a surprise?!?!? What could it be? I can't wait!

I thought it was obvious that McCain has nothing to offer. Hence the craptastic.

Oh, and what's my prize? :-)

What even "extra funny" about the Favre thing is many Packer fans have villified Ted Thompson and even Aaron Rodgers. Favre can literally do no wrong, Brett could rob a bank in Green Bay and people would blame the bank....

Did you see the Packers reportedly hired Ari Fleischer as a consultant? Wonder what their fans think of that?

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