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O.k. I just discovered something real cool on the web. There are blogs out there that are solely dedicated to reviewing, commenting, and just plain writing about a band’s musical output song-by-song. These blogs typically chose a song by their favorite band and take 2-4 paragraphs to review it, deconstruct it, and basically reflect on the song, and what it means to them and how it fits in the bands oeuvre. As you can guess, the quality is hit or miss, but interesting nonetheless. Below are some of the song blogs that I have found the most compelling:

Guided By Voices

I’ve wanted to use this blog to do something like this for a long time. Not necessarily concentrate on a specific band, but to pick a song every so often and then really dig into it. What was the band trying to say here, what does the song do for me. Why do I love it so much. Heck Greil Marcus took a whole book to describe Like a Rolling Stone surely I can write a few paragraphs on a song. (btw, speaking of Griel Marcus, his description of the song Roadrunner in his book Lipstick Traces is pretty amazing, only took a couple of pages and not a whole book.)

Unfortunately something like that takes a lot of time. You have to listen to the song numerous times, do some research on the song to find out what the band and other reviews have said about it, and then come up with something coherent to say. Not something you can blast out at the top of your head (like most of my posts). Anyway I’m going to try to do something like that every so often. The blogs above have given me inspiration. Who knows maybe I can do a whole blog on Replacements songs!?


You know, I tried doing this, too, and even toyed with it being my summer daily entry, but then ended up doing nothing daily this summer.

I have over my years done about 5 of them, and this one about Yung Wu you should particularly like.

I say go for it, but realize it takes a lot of time.

Free - I like your idea about the Replacements blog. I think you should do it!

I know Jeff, that's the one band I could do since I was "present at the creation" so to speak. But it's hard. If you checked out the links above, the Radiohead one is actually only a few songs with the last post over a year ago. It might take more energy than I have, but I definitely want to go in depth on songs on an occasional basis.


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